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So life has been...

on Saturday, November 13, 2010
Pretty good. I'm starting to get situated into my new job. I'm enjoying it a lot. I quite the H&M job because the Apple one is giving me more hours and is more enjoyable. I wouldn't have started working at H&M till next week anyways and like I said... I could only work maybe 2 days a week at H&M and they wanted at least three. Which wouldn't work out.

Social life is suckish. I've been out to a couple parties but I haven't done much since halloween. it literally sucks. My friends who are in college out of las vegas call me and we talk and they are having the time of their lives and I'm sitting here doing nothing. I'm going to sign up for classes for this coming semester in a couple days. I just wont get to have much of a social life. I kind of want to just go to an out of state school and enjoy college but idk. Right now my job is keeping me here.

As of right now I'm still single. I got laid the other day but it was just meaningless sex. haha I'm not a whore. I dont do it all the time with random people. I just get horny some times. lol

They did the gay club again yesterday but I didn't know about it till this morning when I saw people talking about it on facebook. I might have gone but I got off work at like 7pm and idk if I would drive home from the strip and then drive back out there. I'm running low on gas anyways.

I got my paycheck the other day. I got a case for my iPhone to celebrate haha. I'm in a little bit of a rut but not a bad one. Work makes me happy and thats what I'm doing the most of. Anyways. I'll talk to you guys soon. I want to change up the look of this blog but I'm lazy right now lol I'll have to get around to it.


Hello Blogger.

on Saturday, November 6, 2010
I dont know what to do with this blog. As much as I want to blog every day I dont and that's just a fact. So I'm either thinking of starting a new blog and saving this one as is or just blogging whenever. Which will be like twice a month.

To tell you the truth I'm emotionally drained in the best way possible. I am having some of the best learning experiences at my new job as well as meeting some awesome people. My job at Apple has been enriching and exciting and every day I get to go to work I love it more and more!

As of now I'm still in the same boat: I'm single. I'm enjoying my life as much as possible. I'm having fun.

I need to sign up for classes to start school on tuesday. I really don't want to to tell you the truth. I rather wait till the next year rather then start mid-year but hey. It's school. I really do just want to graduate and get it out of the way. I need the degree to get a higher job and thats what I'm aiming for.

So thats about it. I could go into detail but I feel as if no one reads my blog anymore and I'm super tired. My whole body is. It's dying for some rest haha. Well I'm going to go and head to bed. I have work tomorrow lol