Senior Ditch Day Bust... (tad bit of a rant)

on Tuesday, January 19, 2010
***please not this post was written with a tad bit of anger. dont take any of this to mean that I dont think that I did something I shouldn't have done. I just think its something stupid. Kind of like getting a ticket for walking backwards on the sidewalk. You would rant if that happened to you right?***

I have something to admit. It was senior ditch day and I did ditch with my friends. We made plans to follow the tradition and go drive up to Mount Charleston and spend the day up there in the snow having a blast like all the seniors before us had done. Except one thing: this year CCSD (our school district) set up camp half way up the mountain and decided to stop all the seniors going up to the mountain. WTF?!? We stood out in the freezing cold for 2 hours. These volunteer people wouldn't let us use our phones or even answer my moms phone call. They were going to make us leave the car up there and drive us and all the kids back to school (about an hour away). They had been doing this all morning and there were about 30 kids there but already about 60 cars parked. Luckily they realized there plan had failed and they didnt have enough cars and time to send us back because by the time we got there our school day was over anyway. So they let us go home and we have to go to the dean tomorrow morning and find out how we are getting punished.

Now keep in mind the following facts before you go all "you get what you deserve" on me. All 5 of us had 100% permission by our parents to not go to school and go up to the mountain. Last year our school news started with 12 seniors up on the mountain going "were the 09 seniors on senior ditch day and XXXXXXX starts now!" My teacher ended the day on Thursday (last day of the week cause we had friday off) with "see you wend." and "we are not doing anything on tuesday so have fun and dont party to hard the night before."

This is nothing new and its been done before. My district is HUGE. Think about around 12 schools each with around 4,000 kids and thats just the high schools I know of. Each year an estimate of 85% of seniors are absent on the first day of the second semester. My parents are so pissed off at them. The school district is taking the role of the parents and this is where control goes from over the top to outrageous and wrong. The ironic part is that the dean that is going to punish me totally ditched on his senior ditch day. This is just stupid. If I get in trouble my parents will back me up. Its just the fact that CCSD thinks they can go this far and they cant.


Jimmy said...

Hey JD,

Been readin for a while. It's good!

Further to yer current state of affairs...I think this is another example of the vocal minority getting up in everybody's face and forcing action. I'm pretty sure yer school board didn't want to be camped out on the side of a mountain playin gestapo. Or maybe they did. IDK.

But I bet when it all comes out in the wash, nothin will happen to ya and all they accomplished was fuckin up yer good time. Prolly won't be the last, either

Keep chill, man. They ain't worth the effort...


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Sam said...

Hey Buddy!

I understand how you felt. It really sucks!
But man, try to forget about it for now..
It will all be in the past very soon (it already is)
Some school staff are really pain in the a** at many times so just ignore them for the time remaining. You'll graduate and get rid of them sooner than u think! So enjoy mocking them while u can! lol

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