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Im 23!

on Thursday, February 17, 2011
Well not really but thats what my new ID says. So now I can go out and drink with my friends at bars and shit lol Before all my co-workers were inviting me out and I could never go out with them. So now I have a fake!

So yah. School is going great. Its super easy. I'm starting to procrastinate but nothing to bad. Im not getting sleep ever other then the 4 hour naps I'm taking every other night. My work schedule is starting to dwindle down to 32 hours a week with the 3 days I have off for work. I'm starting to grown with the company and getting more involved with different things. I'm joining different teams and such. It's exciting to see whats going on in my life!

My parents are starting to get on my last nerve though. They still have full control over what I do even though they pretend to let me do what I want. For example... I'm young. If I want to go out till 3am and then go to school at 8am the next day then thats my choice. As long as I have all my work done and can still participate fully in the class. Not that I'm doing that every day. Maybe once a week.

So other then that nothing is really going on... Friends wise im loosing them left and right haha. I guess my work friends are my work friends. Real life friends are starting to part ways... I have no crushes... or better yet no one to have a crush on.

There is a club thing tomorrow but again... I have work till midnight and it ends at 2am. Maybe i'll try to make it out there after work. It's a celebration for my friends birthday. I'm not sure what day it is but hey.

My actual 19th birthday is on the 27th. I don't think im going to celebrate it. Idk... Just not really into it all...

Wow its been a while... sorry.

on Monday, January 24, 2011
Work has consumed my life. I think I went out one night since new years. So not much to say about that. I went out to a gay bar and it was fun.

I just started school today. I actually just got done with my first class. It was BUS 101. Pretty easy class and I think I really will enjoy the way my professor teaches. Here is the classes Im taking:

BUS 101
COM 101
ENG 101
Math 120

I was going to take philosophy but the class was full and the other ones didnt fit my schedule. All my classes are split into 2 classes a week and hour and 20 min each. The other 5 days a week I have work and I took one day off in between the two days of school to do homework and such. I'm excited! My next class is actually in a little less then an hour. Its right by my house so I might walk to it but I also need to go return something first so there is no real point to drive there then home and then walk. I will start walking when it gets a little nicer out though for sure!!

Other then that work has been AMAZING. Every day is a new experience and I love that I can totally say I LOVE going into work and im passionate about my company. =p

Ill try to blog more often. I actually have hours off in between classes so maybe I'll have some downtime and be able to actually write here.

My New Year Resolutions!

on Saturday, January 1, 2011
OMG! It was insane. The last 48hours of my life made me feel like a rockstar in my own music video. It is ridiculous how awesome this blog is going to be. Except I'm running on no sleep and would love to get some. So I will write the story up tomorrow.

For now...

This past year a LOT has happened. Most of my blog consisted in 2010 so in that sense, yay, I dont have to repeat myself. As a quick summary for the people that haven't been along for the entire (fantabulus?!) ride! I went to my first PRIDE in 2010. I got to go to Israel this summer. Still no boyfriend. Got laid 6 times. Went to LA with friends and realized who my real friends really are. I turned 18! I graduated high school!! I visited my friends in college. I got to go to NEW YORK!! I got hired at Apple. MUCH MORE... (read the posts lol)

So what do I want out of this year?!

1) I want to move up in the company I work for. I'm not saying become a manager in a year. Just a move.
2) I want to move out of my parents house and live on my own.
3) I want to build my credit.
4) I want to film at least one short film.
5) Meet new people and make new friendships.
6) Grow as a person, friend, and family member.
7) Learn something new. Whether that is a skill, instrument, or language, I want to learn something new.
8) I want to loose 20 pounds and start exercising on a regular schedule.
9) I want to get all A's in my classes at school.
10) I want to have fun.

I could think of many more but those are the one's that are important or stand out to me at this time. So what are your resolutions?!? What do you think of mine. Oh and are you excited for my real life new years eve experience to be told tomorrow?!? haha