My Trip Summary: Day 2

on Monday, June 14, 2010
I want to make sure that you guys understand that this trip already happened last week. So thanks for all the advice on what to do and how to handle it but it already happened so there is not much I can do as of now other then tell the story. Again, this is part 2 of 5. Enjoy:

We woke up early because we were going to go to Six Flags that day. We wanted to eat breakfast before we left that way we wont be hungry at the park or anything and have to eat and throw up haha. Anyway there happened to be a Denny's right there so we went and got some breakfast. If you care here is what I got to eat:

We headed to Six Flags. I started the day out with Shelby nagging me left and right once more. When I saw 12 school busses full of little children I went "Oh fuck. There is so many people here!" Shelby had to comment: "Why are you being so negative. Just because there are a few busses doesn't mean the park will be packed." Umm... actually Shelby thats exactly what it means but no, I didnt say that to her because I was stopped by my friends saying: "John. Just stop fighting." How am I fighting if she is the one being a rude bitch?!?!

That didnt stop there. It definitely continued threw out the day. Whether I was being called negative for saying a ride sucked or maybe I was being controlling because I planned the next couple rides out OR my favorite calling every guy gay because I pointed out that they were cute, I was doing something horribly wrong. Those were 3 of the amazingly abundant things that we were "fighting" about. I wouldn't call it fighting but my friends definitely got on my case and called it that, "Can we all just get along and be friends?" In my head I really wanted to say fuck no she is being a douche bag but in reality I didnt want to ruin the trip so once more I stfu.

We went on all the ride's we wanted to go on and more and at least one per line another one of her comments were thrown out at me. At around 5:30pm we were hungry and soaking wet thanks to the lovely rapid's ride they have at Six Flags. We changed plans and instead of heading straight to eat we had to go to the hotel room and change. I literally drove home with just my wet boxers and a shirt on because my jeans were so soaked.

Once we got to the hotel and changed we headed to city walk to grab some food and do a little walking around. We went to stores and stuff and we got matching customized bracelets that say: "Cali 2010" Cute right? Yah... We went and got a table at the Hard Rock Cafe and ate dinner. It was soooo good but it was getting late and really cold so we headed home right after we ate.

We got in the car and left the parking lot when... "WAIT! I LOST MY PHONE! STOP THE CAR!!" Yup. The oh so responsible Shelby lost her phone. She ran back to the restaurant and Danika ran over to the valet to see if she left it there. Both come back empty handed. Taylor turned around and its sitting on the backseat of my car. It was ok though because it gave me a min or two to talk to Taylor about how much Shelby was annoying the fuck out of me and I really did need to vent.

Then we headed back to the hotel. I dont remember exactly what conversations were said that night but im pretty sure there were some more comments from Shelby. It was really playing a toll on me. I mean how much can one person take in before exploding? Hoping everything would be fine I went to bed that night knowing that it wouldn't. Shelby was seeing that she could keep pushing me and keep getting away with it and that was just causing her to get worse and worse. If I didn't have my mom to talk to over the phone every night I think I might have went crazy by then.

That was part 2 of 5. Lets say that this was just the rising action and the climax is in part three. Done worry though because the falling action is also in part 3 leaving some more rising action and another climax in part 4. Yah... it gets bad.


Anonymous said...

OMG... lolol... this is starting to sound like a nightmare... Someday, I'll tell you about the worst vacation of my entire life... some of it is eerily similar to parts of your's!! I'm glad you told me that this already happened... I must have read right through that part- I would have given you more useless advice... still, I noticed that you ate at Denny's, so, that was a good choice!! Cheap food... not much to argue about there, huh?? lol It sounds like you and Shelby are like oil and vinegar!! This experience is a real eye opener for you, but, I'll tell you- honestly, for me, at least, I HATE taking extended (more than one day) vacations with groups of people... There's just too many variables involved, especially if people are relying on each other for transportation, and trying to find common ground on eating and other necessary things... Throw in a character like Shelby, and, OMG, the chances of failure increase exponentially!!! Can't wait to hear about the coming explosion!!! lol luv, tman<3

Anonymous said...

You were really letting Shelby get to you. I wonder if was really that bad or were you over-sensitized to what she was saying for some reason? If you consider her such a pain in the ass, why was she along on the trip? It sounds like things are going to get worse in the next parts. I will be watching for them.

John Doe said...

@Brian why was she along for the trip? that is a great question. well because her other friends put up with her. us four planned the trip for 2 years. i even threw out the fact that i wasn't sure about her coming on the trip but when you have 2 other people there to take her side your opinion doesnt seem to matter as much. also brian if you look at the blog post and you thought i was making it seem bad then thats how it was. I didnt go on a tangent about all the shit she did. I only gave 3 very specific to the point examples. There was no maybe in there. What she was saying was rude and disrespectful. Something that, no matter who says it, its fucked up.

@tman ohh yah. you got it right on the nose. eye opener to the max. like a special machine is being used to open up my eyes.

wayner said...

I guess the lesson here is to make sure there are no personality conflicts before going on a multi-day trip. It's almost funny that the media always makes it sound like the man is the horrible monster in a divorce, well the lash of the tongue is enough to drive any man insane; of course that is never mentioned. No wonder hookers and mistresses have so much business and homosexuality starts to look good lol. I think the solution is to convert to Islam and put a burka on Shelby. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

@wayne - if Shelby is half as bad as John describes, I'm not sure that a burka would change anything. Maybe a tongue amputation?

OOPSSS, sorry, just that inside voice sneaking out!

Seriously, I have met and had to work with 'ladies' (used that word for politeness) who cut and slash with their mouths. No fun for anyone caught in that situation. If you agree, you are as bad as they are; if you even question their comments - you are labeled as hating them. Guys can't win on those levels.

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