My Trip Summary: Day 1

on Saturday, June 12, 2010
I can make this 30 pages long or I could make it 5. Im going to be posting it in 5 parts. Day 1-5. So check back tomorrow for the rest of the story. First I want to say thank you to the kind people out there that read and comment my blog. Right now I dont really have anyone I can talk to other then my family about anything and the fact that there are people out there that care enough to read and come back means SOOO much. So thank you.

A trip that four best friends planned. It was Shelby, Taylor, Danika, and I. Originally planned was to go to six flags and that it. We were going to stay my my grandma's house for two nights just so I didnt have to drive at night. We latter decided that we should stay for a longer period of time and I got them four tickets to Universal Studios. I can't say that they were extremely thankful but they were excited to go. Which made me excited. So here was the plan: 5 days, 4 nights at grandma's: first day drive there and head to venice beach and 3rd street. second day six flags, third and fourth at universal, and 5th driving home.

The night before was graduation. My grandma called my aunt to let her know that she had to go out of the country last min and was leaving Wednesday (day 2 of the trip: six flags). After a bunch of calls back and forth with her and my dad they came to the conclusion that her roommate who is a family friend was being a fucking asshole and didn't see "why he needs the mess" while my grandma is gone. So we had no wear to stay at night. My dad being the most amazing dad ever decides to get us a room at a best western inn. I hated the fact that my dad had to pay anything for the trip. It was planned all along that I would finance the whole thing for myself and they just needed to trust me. The room cost more then the trip itself. $600. It was crazy. It hurt that they didn't even say thank you to my dad the next morning when I told them the change in plans. I moved on. I wasn't going to let anything ruin the trip.

We drive there and we head to venice beach. I try to explain to them that Venice isnt really a swim at the beach with the nice sand type of place. It only angered Shelby because she wasn't having any of it. We got there and because it was a tuesday there was less clean people and more homeless and druggie people. They stayed away from the boardwalk but they still weren't to thrilled about the whole thing. We then drove down to 3rd street for dinner. Shelby threw a little fit about not wanting to spend money on food and wanted to go eat fast food. The rest of us wanted a place to sit down and eat something nice. So she threw a fit again once we choose to go to Johnny Rockets because she "didnt like burgers." Little fun fact: she wanted to get in n' out at barstow (half way to LA) but the line was way to long. She finally agreed to go and at least look at the menu and finally realized that she did like some stuff there. She butted heads with me more saying things like: "you though i wasnt going to like the food but i never said that." or "why do you always have to be right?" Stupid shit like that. I let it all slide because I didnt want to fight. Comments like "would you guys stop fighting!" were thorn out there but it wasnt like we were doing more then arguing.

After dinner we went and got fanny packs at American Apparel haha It was for six flags and universal because we cant take things on the ride. We got that and then left for the inn. We got there and we wanted to go swimming but shelby got sunburned and wanted me to drive to the gas station across the street to get aloe and sunscreen for the days to come. So we go and she didnt find aloe. We swim for a good hour or so and it gets late. I tell them I think we should head to bed because we have a long day the next day. Then shelby asks me to go on another drive to another gas station because her sunburn is "that bad." We go and they dont have any. The cashier tells her about the target a few street lights away and I drive her there in my flip flops, wet bathing suit, a shirt and a towel.

We finally get back to the room and we all take showers. We all talk a little and watch TV before heading to bed.


This was part 1 out of 5 of my trip to LA. This is just the beginning and there is WAY more stuff that happened. Life changing stuff. So come back tomorrow for part 2.


HMG said...

Wow that is so awesome of your dad, that sucks he had to pay though. I still stand by what I said about the fanny packs on Twitter. Also, since earlier you said i can swear, I am just going to say Shelby sounds like a total bitch! I cannot wait for the other 4 posts.

TJ said...

Your trip makes me all the more anxious for my road trip. Leaving for California in October!

Glad to see you're enjoying yourself ;)

Anonymous said...

Your Dad is a great person. I love how he came through for you when needed.

I keep getting the impression that Shelby isn’t a nice person.

I love reading about your trip, will be anxiously waiting for the rest of the story. Thanks for the photos, they add to your story.

Anonymous said...

John, dump it out, dude. Vent all the shit here, where friends can share it and comfort you.

Sounds like your friends have that misplaced and phony sense of entitlement - the erroneous belief that the world owes them some shit and anything given to them is "due" and no thank you is needed. Sad case that affects much of today's society. Good for you that you have an awareness of your dad's generosity.

wayner said...

You have a great Dad; a little graduation present. Yeah, Shelby is a pain sometimes but you are right to not let some dissagreements turn into fights. I don't blame Shelby for making you find some burn relief; trying to sleep with a sunburn is torture! Anyway the adventure of a trip is so much fun. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

Now you are learning the fine points of taking a trip with friends and coping with all the quirks of the different personalities... Your dad has obviously been there, and is more calm about it, because it won't pay, in the long run to get upset, and ruin what has become a more expensive vacation, than you planned...
Here's a suggestion- how about doing a picnic lunch every day- sandwiches made from deli cold cuts, salads (pasta/garden,potato) from the deli, fruit, dessert, drinks- all bought at the local supermarket at far lower cost... Go out to breakfast at Denny's and have a nice, sit-down dinner at a medium cost restaurant for balance... You really can eat well, and have fun, at a reasonable cost, if you work at it and plan a little!! Well, good luck with the rest of the trip, kid!! luv, tman<3

John Doe said...

@tman oh yah. i learned a lot about that and the sad part is that (because the trip ended 2 days ago) I can tell you that there are a lot more points that I learned and a few that were crossed.

@TJ i really hope that parts 3 and 4 dont scare you then haha

to everyone else. yah my dad is pretty amazing and shelby is... well. just read on lol

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