Gay Club. Number's and Friends.

on Wednesday, December 22, 2010
I've been so busy lately. I actually went out the night I posted the last blog. I went to this gay club on the strip. It was so much fun! I got to dance my ass off and was sweating so much but it was worth it. By the end of the night this guy gave me his number and told me he thought I was cute and to "text him" what ever happened to the iconic "call me" line. Kid's these days. lol Well I did text him but to tell you the truth is that if he doesn't make a move nothing is going to happen. I'm not in the mood for a boyfriend right now. I'm just going to be single for now. As far as a friend. Sure! but I'm also not really in the mood for friends right now. lol

You see, I have been working a lot and I love it. My job is really the best one I could ask for in this part of my life. The people that work with my are AMAZING! They are nice and funny and smart. Which is great. Like I said before. It's a fun job and I love it. One of those where I'm pushing myself to get better and better with each day. So far I have been balancing that work/friend thing pretty well. Which means that when I start school soon I will need to juggle work/school and kick out my friends. Which is ok, I'll make do. Education is important to me.

I just woke up from a bad dream a couple hours ago. It was with the girl from the LA trip. For whatever reason she was in it. Her face, her voice, her attitude, and her in general. It sickened me. I wasn't mad that my other friend had "set me up" in the dream so that she would show up. I wasn't hurt like I felt after the trip. It was more of a feeling of disgust. Like she disgusted me. As if someone who killed someone just walked in the room and started high 5'ing people about it. I was repulsed by her presence in my dream. So I woke up and my first thought is "why am I thinking about her" and my second was "because im hanging out with my other friends that hang out with her." Since Lesbian has been in town there has been mentions of the girl in my dream left and right. I really had forgotten about her existence until that point. I didn't care about what has happened to her or if she was still alive. So it's bothering me know that she is now taking over my dream.

So what do I do? First thought was, I need to cut people out more. I love lesbian but if hanging out with her is doing me harm then I need to prioritize my time with her more. Second thought was, fuck people, I just want to be isolated today. You see, I was supposed to hang out with lesbian today. I'm not feeling up to it though. I'm in a pretty off mood after this whole morning. I'm just going to sit in bed all day and watch tv. I'm not in any mood to deal with this bullshit.

As far as moving out of my parents house. It's still happening. I have enough to live ok. I have to budget myself a little but I can make do. It's $500 rent which is good. I'm going to be living with a co-worker that works at a separate store then mine. He is a really cool guy and we have a blast hanging out the few times before and after work that we did. So I'm excited about it all going down. As far as I know now, its still a month or so away from happening. I need to save some more money first. Which is ok with me.

Rekindling Friendships and Making New One's

on Friday, December 17, 2010
Graduating high school does a lot to you. You grow up a lot. I grew up even more working in the "real world" and earning "real money" and paying my "bills." Not saying that I'm mature and can handle every situation. I know that there are things that I depend on my parents to help me with still. I also know that I have matured more then I expected. All the people that used to "matter in high school" really don't matter now. All of this bullshit seem's to go away. The phrase "it gets better" is REAL. People who were once popular are know just being called fucking annoying. So when you get together with friend from high school that are now in college its funny to see how we have all changed. How people are relaxed and not super annoying. Or how immature and stupid they still are haha

That being said I have been hanging out with a ton of friends from high school that I haven't seen in a while. It is so much fun seeing that these people are so chill now. Some I am sure are fucking annoying still but I'm not hanging around them... and I dont want to find out if they are haha

I actually starting talking to one of my old best friends. Me and him where really close friends back in sophomore year of high school and then we went our separate ways because some shit went down. We hung out yesterday and the night before and I really noticed how much fun it was to have him around. Like he is so chill and I forgot how much I missed him as a friend. So I'm glad we are getting to hang out again. He is moving back to vegas so we will be hanging out together more often im sure. =p

Yesterday I went shopping with that friend, lesbian, her lesbian friend, and a new friend of mine. lol We all went to the new H&M that opened up here and then ate some food. I got these really sexy funny underwear. They look like jean short shorts but they are underwear. lol It's pretty funny. I also got a new shirt for tonight. We are going to the gay club thing. I'm really excited. =p

I'm in one of those really lazy tired moods lol I hope I get more awake and excited for tonight. If not its totally going to blow! lol

ALSO! I might be moving out soon. I'll let you all know about that in a future post.

What have I been up to?

on Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Well work. Lots of it. I also got to hang out with my friends a lot. So I'll tell you all about that.

I have this new friend. He is straight. My friends and even his parents question it but I'm familiar with the type and he is straight. Not to say he couldn't one day love a man. I'm sure he would be more open to it they my other straight friends but at this point in his life if he doesn't end up forming a special bond he is looking for girls.

We have been hanging out more and more. We went out to the hookah lounge one night which was so much fun. I can have like really good conversations with him and its not about video games or stupid shit. lol We all hung out one night. It was me, him, and three other friends that are back for winter break from college. We just sat around then got food and then sat around some more. lol It was fun though. I missed my friends that were away so much! lol We also hung out last night. It was him, two other friends of ours, and me. Which was fun.

Other then that I have been working. I have a bunch of friends that are coming home from college for winter break so I'm super excited to hang out with all of them. I also have no idea what I'm doing for new years eve and I feel like its going to suck because I never go to any big parties unless we plan one and I'm in no way up to that right now. lol I'll figure something out though.

This friday is the 18+ gay club. I'm so excited. I think its going to be a big group of girls and me. Which is fine. Dont bring a boy find one there is my on going rule in life haha. I actually had work that day but I found someone to cover that shift for me so it's all good. Speaking of work... I have work in a few hours. so I need to actually get ready.

I'm hanging out with a few friends tonight also so we will see how that goes. =p I'll blog soon. I'm trying to make this a priority but other things keep getting in the way.

My Blog Got Some Botox!

on Monday, December 6, 2010
So here is the brake down of the new stuff:

1) I obviously changed the theme a little. I really like it but I'm still going to go ahead and play with it just a little bit. Add a logo and such.

2) I added my twitter which will display the last 5 tweets and replies to my tweets so you can follow any conversations if you want. If you want to follow me on twitter my username is @sinceyoutweet. I usually update there daily most of the time more then once a day. So its a good addition to this blog when I start lacking on the actual posts.

3) I'm adding a new section on the right with posts that have been monumental to me and my life that have been documented. More for me then anything to be able to go back and read things that have changed my life or things that have impacted me till this very day. So If your a newer reader on my blog that would be a great starting point to catch up and really get to know me. =p

4) I know that most of my page views (which to tell you the truth I haven't checked in months) come from my friends that link to this blog. Which is why I'm slow to go ahead and delete the links. So for know I'm going to change those and if you guys have an suggestions or would like to be added to the list then I would love to go ahead and do that. Just leave me a comment!

5) I have posted my picture on this blog once or twice. To tell you the truth I'm not that scared to put it out there. The only reason it's not is because I like you guys to use your imagination and not have the way I look interfere with my actual life and my blog. Which for those who comment and care about my blog most likely wont be an issue but you can definitely see where I'm coming from right? So from now I'll be posting some pics here and there of me and I will be actually changing my icon sooner or latter to my actual picture.

So now to the blogging:

Today was one of those days off that totally doesn't feel like a day off. I actually had a meeting with a client that wants me to go ahead and start a social marketing plan for his online site. Which I'm pretty good at so I accepted. This will be until I start school in the spring.

Speaking of school. I signed up for 3 out of 5 classes for spring semester. The other 2 were full and I need to wait till they reset the classes and throw out the people who didnt pay. Which is sometime int he beginning of January. So around next month.

I got out of work 20 min early and on the way home I stopped at a gay bar and met my friends that were there already. It is always fun to go out but some gay guys are total snobs. lol There was this married guy that added me on facebook from another night I was there. He was like "why are you single?!?" and "your such a tease!" lol he was super waited but he told me he was going to hook me up with a guy. So I'm not going to complain about it but I doubt he remembers me even being there last night. I wasn't there for long. Maybe 20 mins and then they left so I did as well. I wanted to grab a drink but I was driving so I knew that it was a bad idea. Next week is the 18+ gay club thing. I really hope I dont work and can go because last time I went I had to leave early and it really sucked cause I was having such a good time.

So other then that all the gay stuff. My day today was pretty blah. I wanted a friend to come over and smoke some hookah but that didnt end up happening. I also have this strong urge to film another short film which I might be doing this coming month. So yah.

I need to start saving money. This is going to be a great year guys. I'm talking about 2011. Get ready to take over the world!! haha WE ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

"yes, I would die for you baby but you wont do the same." - bruno mars.

I'm not dead... haha

on Saturday, December 4, 2010
To tell you the truth I'm just putting the blog off. Which isnt right. I guess I should share with you all the shenanigans I have been threw. The only thing is ever since I got hired its basically all I do and I cant talk about my work because I rather just not even mention it. It's one of those companies that rather you just not even talk about your job. So I'm going to respect that and keep it that way.

I can tell you that this past month has been some of the most exciting for me. I got a lot to tell you guys about and I guess I rather just summarize it then to just start blogging about past events.

I got to see some of my old friends that left out of the city for college. They came back for thanksgiving which was fun. We hung out and stuff. Speaking of thanksgiving. We actually went to a really good restaurant at the Paris hotel. So good. =p I got to work Black Friday which was fun but not as busy as I expected. I also expected it to be SUPER crazy so that could be why.

I went shopping the other day and bought like a TON of jeans and clothes and stuff. Fun =p

If you forgot, I'm Jewish, and its currently Hanukah. My parents usually dont get us gifts. Which to tell you the truth usually bums me out. Not because of the actual present but rather the thought that they actually think of something that would make me happy and surprise me. It could just be me but the holidays always just bum me out. My family doesnt really go all out and I'm the type that really loves going all out.

I'm going to give this blog a facelift soon and start blogging more often. We will see how this goes on. For now I'm going to go. I'll be back soon. Sooner then last time... haha