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Life has been pretty good.

on Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Just a quick post to organize my thoughts and to show you im still alive. Here are the things I have been up to and the things that I need to write about:

1. Utah trip
2. I made a new friend
3. Job's (yes plural) interviews and shit.
4. College
5. Life.

Well those are the topic and there are a few subtopics but like I said I have to keep this one short. I actually have to go and get ready for my job interview in a couple hours from now.

and guys, thanks =p

My future scares me...

on Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Here is the thing. I have been set on going to Israel for school because A) it would be starting fresh and not a semester in. B) I would be 100% independent and far from home. C) I love it there. It's one of the funnest places to live and the people there are extremely friendly. D) I LOVE IT THERE!

Now that all my friends are off in their respected colleges and im hearing about how much fun and how they go about their classes and all that fun stuff... I'm kind of starting to think: "hey, john. that seems like something interesting. something that wouldn't be as difficult or as expensive as Israel." Here is the thing: moving to Israel is going to be hard. I need to put away at least 10k, before Aug, so that I can live comfortably for a year until i get settled and can find a job where I dont need any reading or writing skills (I can speak fluently but my writing is horrible and my reading is at a 4rd grade level). Also the school in Israel is HARD. Its a 3 year school and the workload is crazy. I would be taking 2-3 times more classes a year then I could be at a USA college. Plus the cost of just education (not living, JUST tuition) is $30,000 compared to my in state tuition which would be around $9,000. Also I could live in a dorm and be independent up north (reno) where I already know a few people and it wouldn't be as hard to fit in with my surroundings.

So is this just fear & nervousness or something I'm willing to do. Idk. All I know right now is I wouldnt mind staying in state up i reno. I would be far from home. I would be independent. I would be with old friends and making new ones easier.

So why not just rule out Israel? I feel like I've made so many moves and mistakes and whatever you want to call it just because I want to move to study in Israel. I have put so much into the thought and have told everyone im doing it and used it as an excuse for why im just taking community college until next year when I can move there and start fresh. I have BEGGED my parent for an opportunity just to show them I'm serious about this whole thing. I feel like I have to prove to them that I can do it now. Like it's just a little to late to step back and be like: "you know... maybe this isnt such a good idea."

On the other hand. Maybe right now, today, the minute I'm writing this post, I'm just a little scared. Maybe I'm just feeling that feeling a bride gets before she walks down the aisle because now its getting real. I'm growing up and its starting to scare me but thats ok. Now I just need to be mature about it and not let it stop me from making the right decision about my future.

Fun fact. When I turned 18(literally 2 days after) my view count started to go down from 30,000 views average a day to 600 average a day. haha I'm older, wiser, and less entertaining. lol

I MISSED my 1 year anniversary! =[

on Tuesday, September 21, 2010
It was yesterday! OMG! How could I do such a thing? IT WAS MY 1 YEAR ON MY BLOG! =[ Im so sorry guys. Im actually planning something but im waiting to get hired and then start doing it because I dont want them finding anything they can use in my background checks. It has felt like months but its only been like a week since my interview and I'm waiting to get a call and a second interview after they are done running background checks.

So other then that whats up? Well. I got my final paycheck for the catalogue/website. Im doing another site soon for my dads business so he will pay for my college lol Danika (one of the girls from the LA trip) came back to vegas for a baby shower. She is in a different place for college. So did carrie and I got to see both of them for a couple hours and they had so many fun stories to tell me. I really wish I could go to Israel and start college already. I'm craving learning. I want information.

So lets talk about DOMA and Dont Ask, Dont Tell. BULLSHIT. did you guys what happened today. Fucking republican senators. I'm so not happy about this. A Senator that doesnt fight for equality isnt fighting for America! Lets get that out there.

Vegas is FINALLY getting 18+ gay nights and well im going to go even if I have to go alone lol

I'm trying to get back into my old weight which was 150. I'm currently at 169. This summer was not good for me. Im a fatty (in my head its worse then it really is). I'm on week 3 of couch to 5k and its HARD but in a good way. I'm not loosing weight as fast as I would like. I'm kind of stuck at 169 and now im forcing myself to diet harder. I'm not about to stay at this weight. It's not happening.

Yom Kipper was this past weekend and it was HELL. I don't really believe in this religion (Judaism) but was forced to participate because of my parents. I would sit here and tell you all about it but seriously, its not worth it.

I filmed a music video the other day and it went really well. I'm almost done editing it. Its pretty cute. I directed and filmed it rather then being in it. I really wanted to have full creative control of the whole video.

I literally have no plans to do anything this week and im super bored. I'm trying to get my friend to come with me to go visit Carrie at college but she has work on Sat and she is trying to find someone to cover her shift.


on Saturday, September 11, 2010
Yah, I know that I applied online and they denied me but hell no. This cute gay guy isnt going to sit around and let an e-mail stop him from getting a job at one of his favorite stores. (ok. no more talking in third person. if this was an essay i would have failed for switching tones but fuck that bitches! I graduated already). So I heard that they were doing open interviews. So I just went into the recruitment center and told them "I want an interview" and boom. The interviewee was super nice. She told me she would be one of my managers at the new store they are opening. We had a few things in common and I think she liked me over all. I have a very interesting resume so I think that helped as well. Now they have to do my background check and then go ahead and call me in for a second interview. I REALLY hope I get this job because I love the store and it would be such a great opportunity!

Other then that I have been working with the designer on the catalogue again. We are redoing it once more. She now wants it actual size. Something she never requested before. So yay.

I started Couch to 5K monday. Which means that I'm done with week 1. I know wayner was like "dont stick to fad workouts" but this really isnt one of those. It's actually a really popular running program that you do for 9 weeks. Its a serious of timed runs, jogs, and walks and the difficulty increases weekly. By the end of the 9 weeks im going to try and run a 5K marathon! So sometime in november or december.

I might/hopefully am going to go to a gay club tomorrow night with a friend. I'm not 21 but supposedly we can get in. It should be fun. Maybe meet some cute guy and have a good time. I hope! lol

Well my friend who I havn't seen in forever is coming over tonight to hang out. Were going to have a blast!!

MY ONE YEAR on this blog is coming up soon!!! Omg. maybe we should do something special?!? Any ideas?

Super Saturday... Yah thats a really cheesy title. sorry.

on Sunday, September 5, 2010
Yesterday was awesome. I slept in. Went shopping by myself. Bought tons of clothes. Then went out with my friend to dinner and to see Chelsea Handler at Caesars Palace. We walked the strip a bit and then headed home!

It was so much fun. This is the first time I really went shopping on my own. It was so relaxing and I had a blast. I went to H&M then got coffee and went to Aldo where I got some amazing shoes. Then headed to Express and got a really cute outfit for the night. So far so great. Then a drove down the strip to Caesars and got the tickets. The will call line was HUGE. The place seats 4k+ people so i guess thats why lol After waiting for what looked like forever. I got in my car and drove down the back way to Fashion Show Mall. Where I went to Forever 21. The one there is the largest store they have. Got some really cute stuff there and the girl that rang me up was telling me about places that were hiring =p

Then I headed home and with 2 hours to spare I got ready to go out. I picked up my friend Giovanna and then headed to Kona Grill for some sushi. Seriously people. One of the best places to eat in this city. Strongly recommended. It was Giovanna's first time there and she loved it.

After dinner we drove over to Caesars Palace. It started getting late and we were nervous we weren't going to make it but it started late anyway so all that worrying was for nothing lol The opener was Brad Wollack. SOOO funny. He did this amazing bit about gay marriage. He was pro. Then Chelsea came on. Seriously thought I was going to pee my pants because I was laughing so hard. Her set was so fluid and friendly. It was great. I enjoyed it so much. After that we went out and just walked the strip and then drove home.

Overall a pretty epic day. =p

Today I didn't do much. I slept in till 1am. Woke up and did nothing till around 5pm and then I got ready and went out to dinner with my parents.

Funny story. When I was in forever 21 I saw this guy that I went to middle school with. He was obviously gay. He was with his mom and dress really awkwardly. Also he had this little beard thing going. Anyway... he ended up being a server at the restaurant I just went to with my parents for dinner. Haha... It's a small world. Just thought it was ironic.


on Thursday, September 2, 2010
Umm well how has everyone been? Last we talked I was in a good point in my life right? lol Well the project has come back to haunt me. The catalogue is a no go. She wants to redo it for the 4th time this time ALL the way from the start. So yah. Woo! (sarcasm) Just to update you: The gyc guy deleted me off facebook and when I texted him: "did you delete me off facebook?" he never responded. That's why I dont got for 16 year olds. Mental note taken. lol Lets leave it at that because he isnt worth more.

Everyone is starting college and I really want to as well but like I told you before. I fucked up and missed the date to pay for my classes and now I cant start till spring semester.

I'm starting to miss all my old friends. They are starting their new life so they dont feel it as much i'm guessing. Umm... I still have a couple friends that I'm hanging out with. Taylor is my best friend but whenever we hang out she brings her girlfriend, Summer, and that just makes me feel lonely at times haha. I'm actually going out with one of the people that I have been friends with for a while on Saturday. We are going shopping and then going to see Chelsea Handler. I LOVE Chelsea so im SOO excited for that.

Labor day is coming up and I think we might take a rode trip up to Mount Charleston and have lunch or something. Idk. Something fun like that. lol

I think I'm going to make you guys a little video blog. Now dont take my word for it. It's just an idea that I'm easing up on. I really want to interact with you guys but at the same time still keep my privacy. So Idk how thats going to happen.

I'm also thinking about starting this couch to 5k thing. Its basicity a workout you do 3 times a week and you finish the program in 9 weeks.

Ok. Well I'm going to go and be lonely and do nothing. Yay! haha