Yikes. Its been a while... sorry.

on Wednesday, October 27, 2010
I've been so busy with this new job and working on projects that keep coming back to haunt me. It's been crazy every time we say we are done they come back with more stuff to add or fix. Blahh. Other then that my new job is working for Apple. I'm going threw training now. I don't want to say anything more then the fact that I love it and so far it has been an amazing experience. My other job is at H&M and I dont start until November and its seasonal so its only 2 months part time. Which is perfectly fine as long as they work around my Apple schedule.

So what didn't I talk about? My Reno trip! Yah I went up to reno for a weekend at it was so much fun. Other then the the flights. The first one I missed and the one home was delayed and I flew threw a storm. It was so scary but in a exciting OMG kind of way haha

I'm running short of cash and I need a paycheck soon or else im screwed. The apple job is going to require tons of gas which sucks. So is the H&M job lol I just plucked my own eyebrows rather then spending 20$ to get them waxed. They dont look as good but times are tough lol

I'm going to try and re-start my metabolism because I'm working out hard and not loosing any more weight. So hopefully a boot camp style diet for a month will help. Only chicken and salad. Turkey sandwich's are ok but whole wheat bread and light mayo.

I start my first day of in store training tomorrow and I'm excited for that. =p

Umm what else? I'm going to try and blog daily but I'm not sure if I can pull it off. If not then at least once a week.

Alright. I'm going to jump in the shower. Oh and idk what I'm doing for Halloween costume wise. WHAT SHOULD I BE?!?

Jobs & My Gay Weekend.

on Thursday, October 14, 2010
So yah I got new jobs. YES! PLURAL. I'm a G. Plus these arnt just any type of jobs. One of them took me 6 consecutive interviews, panels, and seminars to get. Yes. Both of them are at a MAJOR hotel on the strip. Both of them are in MAJOR retail stores. Both of them are at VERY respected company's. Both are also part time but one of them is seasonal so it ends before I start school in January which turns out great.


I probably shouldn't tell you for privacy reasons. Then again I really want to. So here it goes. The seasonal job is at H&M. Its going to be their largest flagship store that isnt open just yet. The other job I REALLY want to tell you about but I havnt signed the paper work just yet and this company is VERY picky about letting people say things. So I'll hint at it and on Monday I'll tell you guys for sure. Its a computer company that also makes phones, and music players, and other REALLY cool things ;) Don't be like "OMG IS IT ....." im not going to say yes or no in the comments lol just waits till monday. I know. It's killing me to wait but its been over two weeks and I'm DYING so I guess you guys can wait a few days. lol

Saturday I'm going out to visit another one of my friends at her college. So excited!! =p

(sorry this blog sucks) So this past friday they did the FIRST 18+ gay nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip at the Hard Rock Cafe's top floor which is a club. It was so much fun. I didnt get to stay as long as I would have liked because my friend needed to leave and I was her ride. At first it was kinda slow but then people started getting there and it was fun. I danced with this cute guy that was grabbing my ass and shit and I left for a minute to say hi to a friend and I come back and he is like ALL over this one random guy that he just met (they shook hands and had that awkward "hi my name is" conversation). Then this other guy was dancing with me but he wasnt that fun so I left haha I feel bad cause I didnt say anything I just left hahaha.

So then Saturday night they had this National Coming Out Day festival but my friends bailed on me last minute. So I didnt end up going out. =[ but Sunday night I did!

Sunday night we celebrated my friends mom's birthday. She is REALLY awesome and is a total ally to the gay crowd so naturally we went to gay bar for her birthday. I made her a bunch of jello shots which were SOOO yummy. Then we went in and I started to drink. They did karaoke and I danced on the pole. But before that....

My friend and her mom went out to smoke something that wasn't a cigarette (im clean remember!) so I was left there. These two LATE 30's guys come over and corner me and start like getting all grabby and flirting with me. I'm like WOOOOO. calm your shit down. So I like get up and run to the bathroom (I didnt run but I walked fast. lol) So then this other guy in his late 40's was all like "yah... i met cher, im an author, this person read my book, im the shit.) ohh wow. Then is other guy was like "hey john! is this you?!" I was like umm how do you know my name? Well it turned out they found me on Grindr. OHH WOW. So that was another conversation that was horrible. Other then that though it was an overall fun night and I got drunk and had fun. =p

Last night I went out to the Laker game. It was sooo much fun. It was a pre-season game but stil it was good. Laker's kicked ass and I had pretty amazing seats. ROW A =p

Sorry this blog was all over the place. I just needed to update you guys and so much has happened. lol I'll try to start blogging every other day or so from the day I get back from my trip. So monday lol

I need a shirt that says. G.A.Y. Doesn't Spell WHORE. =p have a nice weekend!

New friend.

on Wednesday, October 6, 2010
This is going to be a hard blog post for me to write. I have been blogging for more then a year now and I really havent left out many details in my life. This one is about someone else and I don't really know how it could effect my relationship with the person. So I'm going to be general and hope that it wont being any negative effects.

One night me and my friends were just joking around and they decided to look up gay people in this app. So we download it and make a profile so we can see who was on there. It turns out we thought there was this guy we knew from this restaurant we just went to so we "chat" with him and it turns out not to be him. So were like this is boring. So we go and change the filter from 18-19 to 18-24. Turns out there are way hotter guys that are older. So I start chatting with some of them. At first it was just a random bored thing but then I actually had a good conversation with this one guy who is 23. So we exchange cell numbers and he adds me on Facebook the next day.

He actually sends me a facebook chat and at first it felt to easy. I never actually sat back and let things just play out. With these younger guys it was always like a game. What I had to say and do to get them to say this or that. With him it was easy. We talked and he showed genuine interest. It ends with him asking me to text him sometime. So far so good.

Well we have been texting every other day. He texts me I text him. It's just easy. I dont have to worry about "omg. he hasnt talked to me in 2 days! I texted him first last time!!" We have been texting for about two weeks. He live's close by. So I decided to make a move and ask him to a cup of coffee. We ended up planning a "lousy planned" coffee date. Just in case he has to work or something comes up. So we will see how that goes. I'll update you. So far he has been fun to talk to and he seems really nice. I enjoy our conversations so we'll see where it goes from here.

Utah Trip.

on Friday, October 1, 2010
So this past weekend I really wanted to do something. I had a interview set up for Tuesday for H&M (this would be a follow up. aka second interview) and then another Seminar on Monday for a company I don't want to name but its a pretty fucking amazing company. So what to do? Well how about drive down to Utah and see some friends at their campus.

So I drove down there. I actually have 4 really good friends that are down there. I slept at my best friend Carrie's dorm but we were always with another 2 of my friends and other friends that they had. It was a lot of fun. It was a very big college experience for me.

So the first night, friday, I got there and we went out for dinner and then went and saw a movie. It was fun. I was getting to know her friends and it was really nice hanging out with my old friends which I hadn't seen in a while.

Then the next day we woke up late so instead of eating at the cafeteria we went out to IHOP. Then after that we headed to the Tattoo/Piercing shop because of of their friends wanted to see if they got any new piercings in. So we go and Carrie really wanted to get a Monroe but she was scared cause of her parents. So we left and went back to the dorms. Then we decided to go eat. So Carrie got convinced that she wants to get it. So we go back and Carrie gets it. It looks REALLY cute on her and she really likes it which is awesome. Later that night these guys decided that they want to have a rave on their room. So I drove them to Walmart and they got glow sticks, strobe lights, and a smoke machine. The smoke machine set off the smoke alarm and then after 40 mins we got to go back and we just had one with no smoke machine. Overall a really fun day.

Then sunday came alone. We went and got breakfast early. I woke them all up and they got mad but I didnt care cause I was leaving early and I wanted to spend as much time with them as I could. After that we went back to the dorm and hung out and then me and Carrie went to Starbucks and got gas and snakes for my drive home. I went back to the dorms, got my stuff, said bye to everyone, and left. It was a ton of fun. I'm really glad I went down there! =p

Tomorrow I'll post about those job interviews. I got some amazing news. =p