Well... Do I Have A Story For You!

on Tuesday, December 8, 2009
I really liked hearing your views from yesterdays post! It was very nice =p

Anyways on to the story. Today is one of those days where nothing really important happened. So I'm going to tell you my first time experience. I don't recall writing about it but if I did then here it is in a story form...

My first time was not the storybook fairy tale that you hear all about. It was with a guy that liked me a lot. More then I liked him. In fact other then the fact that he had a penis I don't think I was very attracted to him. Anyways, I was 17 an he was 18 (yup! It was illegal!). This was around the time when I partied and all my friends were hooking up left and right and I didn't want to loose my virginity to a hook up but still wanted to hook up with these really hot guys. So I told myself since this guy really likes me it wouldn't be a hook up. We have known each other for a long time now and he has liked me for the longest time so it wouldn't be a "hook up" right? Well it totally was. I fucked him in his car in the middle of nowhere. It was weird and awkward because he really liked me and I didn't really care. It was just sex to me. Anyways, it was so awkward then other then some dirty texts I never really talked to him again. I proceeded to hook up with a bunch of guys that where total hotties. One of them, Mark, was "straight" and a total jock! OMG was he hot. He had a HUGE dick too! Anyways... this is getting very graphic lol.

So that is how I lost my virginity. It sucked but whatever. Shit happens and you move on. Im now over the hook up stage and im ready for a serious relationship. Which im sure you dont really care about. You probably rather hear "so last night i hooked up with tyler and we fucked all night..." Sorry guys! I want to find love. So if that means boring blog post like this one then im sorry. Im sure that the guy will come along and my posts will be full of juicy details then haha

Love, John! :)


Mr. HCI said...

I like reading about guys wanting, and finding, LOVE. Sex is good but love is the greatest thing in the world, and sex with someone you truly love is the best kind.

Anonymous said...

Mr HCI is right but don't knock sex!

We are, above everything, highly sexed mammals and shouldn't shun from screwing with people you like and, preferably, who like you but ALWAYS with a condom, of course if you're going to fuck or be fucked. U know that, obv but it cannot be said too often.

I still don't think there's anything wrong with gay guys enjoying sex together. If and when we find a partner and he finds us, then we can discuss whether we want monogamy, whether we don't or whether we just want to screw with mutual friends together.

Whatever - but let's not knock sex!

Dzyan said...

I have more than enough people saying I f*çked a guy I never heard from again, so please if you ever do, at least enjoy it, and for the love of all things sacred, in any kind of sex wear a condom.

Good to know there are still guys looking for something more than just a f*çk, good for you, I knew you I´d go out with you in the drop of a pants... hat, hat, yeah, that.


John Doe said...

Mr. HCI im glad to hear that =p

Micky dont get me wrong. i will never knock sex. haha just now im taking a break from it until i find someone i know i love.

Dzyan HAHA!! =p

Steevo said...

...well I am letting dan do the kitchen and i am goofing off here.

The whole virginity n first time thing is historically based on women as chattel. (possession to be bought and sold with a dowry, etc.,objects) It is one way a culture controls "promiscuity" among the masses. Not a virgin? Nobody will marry you and there better be blood on the sheets the first night or the deal is off. Men being proud and arrogant by nature wanted as much as possible for a daughter to become a bride. Concept of _romantic love_ as basis for monogamous life long partnership is quite new in human history.

So that is one thing to understand.

So in perfect world all our gay bois would be protected from pervs and predators. (Hear that Mr Pope?) But then allowed to explore their sexuality with consenting peers and learn lessons naturally. We do not have to "ape" the hetero ideal model for relationships which is a buncha crap 1/2 th time anyway.

I am not at all against waiting for mr right. The summer b4 9th grade my husband and i who have been best friends since 2nd grade, like inseparable brothers, had our first physical intimacy. I was totally clueless [slow developer] but in a blinding moment of insight I knew what i was and yes i wanted to get nekkid with him so much. btw he freely admits he seduced me. i was more than willing tho. got smart fast.

If 2 guys wanna sport fuck [safely] with people they like, i say that is their choice. I hope they make the choice and not just "go for it" as mr penis drags them along. We kno how we are!

sorry this got too long for a comment.

Like th blog. keep it up. i see the next generation emerging here... quaity all over. kudos

I just hope young guys who have "icky" 1st times can realize that a good first time with someone u care for a lot can mostly erase that memory. And over time u develop the perspective to see that what you did back then was just being human and thinking with the wrong head,a constant male dilemma.

You are the master of your own life, tho it may not seem so.

stay proud!


Anonymous said...

I love being gay.
The sex is nice, but always use a ''RAINCOAT''
for those of you that don't know, a ''RAINCOAT'' is a condum.
i also love the the taste of a fucking dick in my mouth, even better deep throting.


Anonymous said...

i would love to hear a good story about someones sexual encounter.and please be graphic. thats what makes the stories so hot.if it makes me hard, then for goodness sakes it was a success.
have as much sex as you can.protection goes without saying so i wont mention it.
i am available for a nice thin naive cute boy who wants to enjoy erach others body.

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