My Trip Summary: Day 3

on Wednesday, June 16, 2010
This is part 3 of 5. If you havent read part one or two you should go read them... no really. Im serious. STOP HERE. If you read on you will have a completely different view of the situation. Ok? Read part 1 and 2? Lets continue...

Day three. Well I was a tad disgusted with the way shelby was acting but at the same time I didnt want to even bring it up. I wanted the rest of the trip to go smoothly and thats how I was planning it to turn out. I told myself that morning that those little comments wont get to me if I dont let them. So thats how I pushed forward.

We woke up early enough to go to Universal Studios Hollywood and eat some breakfast at City Walk. The morning was going well and I was feeling good about the day. Shelby decided she was going to sit shotgun. Thats the drivers seat for the people that didn't know. She had bought this really long lollipops that twirl to the top at Six Flags. She put it in between the cup holders and my coffee so it would stay up. Now I didnt really care but the problem was every time I went to change gears (well... drive, reverse, park, ect.) It would get on my hand it then I would have sticky, saliva candy all over my hand. So before we even left the parking lot I asked her kindly (it didnt even bother me that much, I just didnt want to get all sticky) to move it because it was in my way. Well because I was focusing on driving and had totally forgot about it, it turns out she didnt move it and my hand felt like a little kid had tried to stick a lollipop onto my hand 27 times. BUT WAIT. Thats not even how I noticed that she hadn't moved it! I only noticed that part until after. After what you ask? After I went to pick up my coffee and it falls over and she yells (yah. yells. while im driving the crazy streets of hollywood): "WTF JOHN?!?! THAT WAS HOLDING MY CANDY?" I had no idea it was still there. I didn't even look at my coffee before I went to pick it up because I just know where my cup holders are. It pissed me off but like I said I didn't want to ruin the trip so I said: "Well I asked you to move it like 20 min ago because it was in my way and I'm kind of driving." and then she really pissed me off: "Oh yah. Whatever John wants we have to do and god forbid I but something by him!!" really bitch? was that REALLY necessary. So I decided that this was going to far and we NEEDED to have a little discussion before this gets worse then it already had. So I go: "Shelby this isn't ok we need to talk." but shelby is WAY to immature for that move right? She goes ahead and stickers her earbuds in her ears and ignores me. Yah. I felt like I was in middle school all over again. So for the rest of the trip I shut up. No one said anything and the radio was off. The whole way.

We got to the parking and of course Shelby reminds me that I'm paying for it. Yah... cause I forgot that I was spending another $20 on your cheep ass. Thanks. I didnt say that though. Just said yes. I decided on the parking where you get to park right by the entrance in a garage for $3 more. Shelby goes on a tangent about how worth it is and that she would totally take that option (yes, that is important for part 4). We park and we get ready to go in for breakfast. We all decided on this amazing crepes place in City Walk right by the entrance to Universal Studios. I wanted another coffee and there was a coffee bean right next door so I went with taylor. I talked to her about the whole stupid lollipop thing and she agreed with me that it was out of hand and "unnecessary." At that point I was just read to rip her ticket in front of her face and be like if you want to come with us go buy your own ticket I rather throw away $60 then give it to your disrespectful ass. I told that to Taylor also. She reacted like I didnt say it though. We go back to finish our crepes and then we head to go into the park.

Im super excited and I handed them their tickets. We get in line to the entrance and I'm really excited. I'm taking both Shelby and Taylor to a theme park they have never been to before. This is a big deal for them and I'm really excited that I could do that for my friends. So we are in line right... and I politely ask Shelby if she "wouldnt mind putting my ticket in your purse once we get inside so I won't loose it or get it wet or something. If not thats ok." Yah... I guess that was a mistake. (P.s. the tickets were a full sheet of printer paper and thats why I asked in the first place)

Shelby: "What? why can't you just put it in your pocket? Your not going to get that wet like you said? Why?"

Me: "It would just be more comfortable for me if you had it in your purse but if you dont want to just tell me thats ok..." (getting cut off)

Shelby: "Agh why do you ahve to be such a douche bag all the time."

OHHHH. HELL no. Does she not realize that we are talking about the same piece of paper that I gifted her? The one that cost me $6o? HOW AM I A DOUCHE BAG FOR GIVING YOU AN EXPENSIVE GIFT?!?! it went on...

Me: "Really Shelby!?! Im so over this!!"

Shelby: "Your over this. I was done with you three weeks? I didn't want to come with you on this trip. You guys made me. I was done with you three weeks ago."

Me: "Your the one thats being an asshole to me and..." (getting cut off).

Shelby:"Because you annoy the hell out of me John."

a few seconds of pause because I wanted to calm myself down but I couldn't...

Me:"Im so close to just taking that ticket away because you..." (cutoff)

Shelby: "Then take it. Just take it."

Me:"Alright. FINE."

I took it from her. Now I know that this was the wrong thing to do but I was MAD. I had like 25% control and the rest was pure anger that was fulling me. We stood there in line not saying a thing. Then right before it was our turn...

Danika: "John just giver her the ticket back."

Me: " No. If she wants to go with us then she can go buy her ticket RIGHT OVER there."

Danika: "You know she wont pay for a ticket and you know that she is just going to rome around by herself. We cant just leave her."

By this time Shelby was gone. I don't know when she left or where when went but by this time she was no longer in the line with us.

Me: "Do you not understand me? I rather throw away my money then give it to her. If she is done with me then I'm done with her and when I'm done with someone I don't stick around for 3 weeks just because they give me free shit. There is no way in hell she is getting this ticket that I paid for from me."

Danika: "Then take my ticket cause if she isn't going neither am I."

Taylor: "Uhh I still want to go." (yah that was actually heard in between the whole fighting thing lol)

She gave me her ticket and we went away from the line. Danika was oh so worried about Shelby and was REALLY pissed off at me. She started yelling at me for not being mature and acting like an adult and "ruining her trip." I definitely defended myself and half way threw she started noticing that I was in the right and that she crossed WAY over the line this whole trip BUT IT WAS LIKE SHE WAS BLINDED. No matter what she was the perfect angel and I was the devil that ruined it all. Like no matter what she did I she was the victim.

There was more conversation and I could quote it all but this post is way to long and not even 1/3 over yet. So while Danika was trying to find Shelby (calling her and looking around) she was attacking me and then asked Taylor what she taught. Taylor started to talk and she was the only one that understood me at that moment. She said she still wants to in and that shelby was... thats all she got out because Shelby answered her phone and Danika was not listing. It seriously seemed like Danika was in love with her or something.

In those 2 seconds of her being on the phone and guiding her over to where we were I had a second to control myself and when she got over to us I said alright lets all sit and talk but again Shelby didnt want to talk to me and then she yelled some more at me and then Danika basicly was in the middle of us YELLING at me and then I set her straight and was like lookie here buddy she was being a fucking asshole to me I can't just sit back and take it. So she goes to shelby and was like you both need to calm down but not in a "shelby you where wrong" sort of way. Shelby was still the victim. Shelby started yelling at me and then I just BLEW UP. It all rushed to my head and I couldn't be around her anymore: "NO. NO. NO. YOU DONT WAN'T TO TALK TO ME THEN WERE NOT TALKIN."

I went to my car. I cried hard. I never cry this hard. I didn't cry this hard when my uncle died. She hurt me. She pushed me away. All I ever did was try so hard to be a good friend. I put so much into our friendship. I cared for her in the middle of the night when she had no place to stay. I drove her home when she was drunk at some party. I bought her things because it made me happy to see her happy but not Shelby. She hurt me because she loved seeing me hurt. She was rude and disrespectful and she HURT me. I was so done. Like guys you know me. Am I really that bad of a person?!? Have I ever talked shit about someone in this blog? No. I loved shelby. I cared about her life and her future. I even wrote a whole post about it. I didn't sleep at night worrying about her at times. This is what I get? I get "you annoy me" and "I'm done with you" and "why are you such a douce bag?" Well I'm done with you Shelby and when I'm done with someone I'm DONE with them.

Taylor came to the car and talked to me. I was balling tears. She agreed with me but she didn't say much. I literally let my heart out to the girl. After a good 5 min of crying to Taylor I calmed down and she asked me a good question: "So what are you going to do?" I though so hard about it. I didn't want her in my car. I didn't want her in the hotel room I paid for and I didn't want to see her face let alone talk to her. When I'm done then im done. Just like im done with high school. I'm never going to see or go back there. I'm done with her. I needed to calm down and Taylor knew this and she calmed me down and then again she asked me: "So what are you going to do?" I though long and hard. She reminded me how im responsible to get her home. How I brought her here and how I needed to make sure I get her home. So as much as I wanted to leave her for the dogs at that point I didnt.

I went back with a plan. I will drive her to the bus stop. I will make sure she has a ticket and I will make sure that someone picks her up. Then I'm done.

Danika flipped again: "That's what you came up with? She was ready to apologize. All you had to do was say sorry and talk to her."

Me: "Me say sorry to her? A million apologies would ever make me even thing abut forgiving her."

Danika threw a fit about wanting to go home is she goes home and how we are driving home right now and that I ruined her trip and she refused to talk with me. I told her we are not leaving because I have a paid hotel room and I'm not driving home. At this point everyone was just acting stupid (other then Taylor). I wasn't talking to Shelby and Danika ran off to where the car was. I went and called my dad and Taylor and Shelby went and talked to Danika.

My dad basically is like one of the most important people in my life right now. He helped me out so much with advice. He told me just to forget about her one more day and cut the trip short and come home. I really didn't want to but I knew that the other girls would never even think about letting me leave her by herself. So I thought about it and came to the conclusion that he was right and I was REALLY wrong. I was responsible for taking her home.

I went over to them and I talked to them. Well mostly to Shelby. I told her about how much she hurt me and I started to cry again. She said she knew we weren't going to be friends after the trip because we fight all the time. So to summarize what happened in the rest of the conversation was we agreed to just go in and not talk to each other. Yay we are all good? (not really but enough to get threw the day). Danika isn't she wont talk to me and is being all pissy. We go in and I do end up apologizing to Shelby just because I didn't wan to ruin the day. She said she forgives me (It was all a show). I ask Danika if we can be civil and how im sorry and how I didn't mean to ruin her trip and she shoots back at me "Oh I can be civil because I'm an adult!" umm... yah. that was very "adult" of you ignoring me back there lol (i didn't say that).

So we go into the park. Danika starts planning the day out. She starts talking and she is slowly getting over it all. Shelby and Taylor start asking me questions and stuff. Eventually we get to the point where we are ok with each other. The day passes without another "fight" with Shelby. AMAZING. The rest of the day was the only time I really enjoyed my trip. We rode a bunch of rides and then we headed out. We really wanted to do something because it was only 5pm (the park closes at 6pm). So my GPS points me to the Hollywood sign. Alright lets go! My GPS takes me on the rout that is like a back alley way. We can't stop anywhere and its all homes up on the HUGE hills. We get to this huge gate that we cant get threw and we get out to take pictures. There were signs every where: "NO PARKING!" and "SECURITY ALARM ACTIVE" so we rushed back to the car adn dove back down the narrow steep street. Almost hitting cars and trash cans (I actually hit a trash can but lets pretend that didn't happen."

Then we get down and we are like super hyped with this secret mission type thing we just did lol It was awesome. So we were like alright. Lets go to the walk of fame. It was getting late and if you didn't know... its not the nicest place to be at night. lol So we get there and we start walking and Shelby was like... "Umm this isn't what I meant. I meant like the Kodak theater and stuff." so me and Danika where like ok. miscommunication. Shelby REALLY wanting to pick a fight kind of starts one with Danika and Taylor. I stay out of it. I learned my lesson. I was wrong and she was right. We get back and Shelby is throwing a fit about having to pay for the $3.75 parking (yes, they payed me to the penny each time). I didn't say a word and we drove to the hotel.

That wasn't the end of the night though. We still wanted to go out for the night. So I called up a few LA friends of mine and they pointed us to this new really nice Hookah Lounge that was like 6 min away from our hotel. We go there and we have a bowl or two and talk. While we are there we get a phone call from our other friends that they want to do something spontaneous and adventurous (at 9pm) so they are driving to LA. Where to they don't know. They have no place to stay or things to do here. So they drove here. (just so you know there names where Kenya and Natalie and they got to LA safe and stayed the night a venice beach and slept in their car then woke up and drive home. p.s. venice is one of the scariest places to be at night. crazy druggies everywhere). All my friends where like wtf? thats crazy. I can't believe you would do that. (this is important for part 4).

So we are tired and then leave to the hotel. Other then that huge fight and me and Shelby never being friends again after the trip it was still a good fun day. But WAIT!! Part 4 is even worse then this...


Anonymous said...

Man, I tell you, this sounds like the trip from hell. I've never seen so many emotional highs and lows. All of you are contributing to it. Too many youthful hormones I think. I would love to know what you think of all this when you look back on it about ten years from now. Just reading it is like riding a roller coaster. I will certainly follow the remaining parts. I hope at the end of the trip that you consider it as a whole a positive experience. One thing about it: it will be something you never forget.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem possible that it can get worse... Somehow, I can't help but think that there must have been some signals, earlier, that this was going to happen... I mean, how is Shelby so certain that she is 'done' with you, 3 weeks prior?? You guys must have a history that led up to this disaster... When people get this petty, it's usually pent up frustration that gets triggered by the stress at the moment....
What a trap! Well, at least you weren't in a foreign country, like I was, when a similar thing happened... I was trapped for 10 days!! It was that trip that changed my mind forever, about how to travel with other people, or IF I should even plan a trip with certain people...
Hell on earth... An old concept, brought to life!! I'm almost afraid to see how this gets worse!! lol Keep posting, John, if you can take it!! luv, tman<3

wayner said...

The problem is that you are dealing with 3 women and their emotional hormones. I remember being at a store looking at Ipods; the men were concerned with all the technical specifications, the women wanted to know if it came in pink. You wanted to shift gears but Shelby was only concerned about the lollipop. They are putting you through the emotional wringer (in tears!). Here's what you do; get a boyfriend this summer and a trip with him will make some happy memories. bfn - Wayne (hugs) (now you know why the Muslims are fighting us; they don't put up with this crap)

John Doe said...

@Brian yah i will never forget this shit haha

@tman just posted it. go check it out lol it goes there. signals? oh there was fireworks lol she has been acting all bitchy and shit. oh and remember the whole two posts about her and me not sure about the gift? you all where like "your over thinking it! just do it." well yah... take that back now? haha i agree with you though and i share the whole planning a trip from now one with people thing.

@wayner amen!! now if only I could find one. lol

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