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New York Here I Come =p

on Monday, July 26, 2010
Yup! Only 3 more days till we fly to New York. We are making a 4 night/5 day stop there before we continue to Las Vegas. My Aunt and her kids are coming with us as well. I'm really excited. Last time I went to New York was in 7th grade on a school trip thing. It was a lot of fun so I can't wait to go back.

I made an entire presentation on what we can do while we are there. I showed it to the family this morning and then we sat and decided on what was a yes and what is a no. We ended up choosing to see Billy Elliot (not my fist choice but still a good show) and then I really wanted to see American Idiot as well so my dad and brother are going with me to see it a different day. We got good seats at the discount price which is awesome. =p We also got tickets to the NBC studio tour. I'll tell you more about that when it all happens lol

My parents went to the beach and now im siting home talking to you guys lol. I havn't done much since we talked.

well... i just got back from dinner. we went to this asian restaurant and then went to max brenner. OMG. It is the most amazing place ever.
They have chocolate everything. I Had myself a Java white chocolate cocktail. It had gummy bears on the little stick. It was so good. (pic on left) I also had this amazing chocolate thing. I dont even know how to describe the amazingness of what it was. I know they have on in NY on broadway st and they are also opening one in vegas on Aug. 5th. Im pretty sure I saw a chicago one also so go check if your interested. Definitely recommended.

thanks for caring guys =p I was reading up on some blogs and I noticed many times I was linked on their blogs and it made me smile. I really need to update my blog list as soon as I get back home. If you have linked me or want me to link your blog let me know by sending me an email. (its in the about section).

alright. going to head out now. bye! p.s. this guy that i cam with from australia is coming next month. ;) haha im looking forward to that. also maybe going on a date when I get back. things are looking up.

Back from the mini vacation.

on Friday, July 23, 2010

Got back from eilat yesterday.(thats a picture from our view on the balcony!) So now back to the other kind of vacation that is living at my aunts haha. So what did we do there? Well:

We ate a lot of food. We rented a "speed boat" that ended up only going about 20 mph and took it for an hour in the ocean. I went out and ate some more. I laid out by the pool some more. Then some more of hanging out by the beach. I went to the mall and hung out there for a bit. Then came back and ate some more. OMG. There were some gorgeous guys there. All a little younger then me (maybe 16 or 17) and... straight. haha I can't make a move anyway when im around all of my family. My mom ended up getting internet on my laptop because her shitty PC didn't end up working. So I had internet but my mom was working on it most of the time so I didn't get to blog much.

The drive back was hell. We were stuck in traffic for like 2 hours straight and that saved me from having to go to some weeding that one of my dad's uncle's sons was having that night. Yah... I really didn't want to go. My dad and mom ended up going for 30min saying hi, eating, then saying bye.

Today I spent most of the day at my grandparents apartment. My amazing aunt was there and we sat and had good conversations together. I miss her so much. There was this AMAZING summer that I stayed at her house in LA 4 years ago. Sooo much fun. I'll have to write that story and post it some time.

My cousin that I went out with said that her friends told her they would take me out one night and to add them on facebook and make plans. I think I'll do that tomorrow. Maybe go to a gay club in Tel Aviv if they are up for it. The only thing is that they run CRAZY selection at the doors. 10 times worse then Las Vegas is. So we will see...

I have been thinking about my future and what I want to do with my life. Business seems like the right direction. Idk we will see how it goes. One year in a shitty community college and then im getting the fuck out of there and on to the rest of my life.

Well it's getting late. I'm going to bed! Goodnight!

Soo what have I been up to?

on Friday, July 16, 2010

Well... (there's a picture of me at the beach =p)

My dad and my younger brother got into town about a week or so ago and ever since then its been going better. My dad got here and was like "lets go to the beach." So we all went to the beach. I've been sitting on the beach and drinking beer's like they are water lol I feel like it makes me look more manly.

We went on like a tourist day and went to the Tank IDF museum type place. It was pretty cool. Then we went to "mini israel" and that was ok. We got to like see israel in mini form. haha

We also went to this place where it was a street full of handmade stuff that people made. I got a wallet there. It was pretty cool.

Then we went to the beach some more. Oh and the mall. We always go to the mall. I dont really care much for shopping right now lol I'm still in this "i dont like the way i look so i dont want to buy myself nice things to wear" stage lol gym is needed.

Also exciting news! We booked out hotel for New York!! Super excited. We are heading there at the end of the month and staying for 4 nights. IM SO EXCITED!! I'm hopping to go get my white iPhone 4 while im there.

This post is super short. I just kinda had to catch you guys up and all the details didn't really matter haha.

I haven't seen any cute gay guys. Maybe one or 2 hot guys. One of them was american though. I need to get laid. Like in vegas if I want to just have sex with someone I can. Here its like im super horny and all I can do is jack off. Plus I can't get way from my family. It's like I have no privacy. So jacking off is hard to do anyway lol Is it me or is there not that much stuff to jack off to lately? If you have some good links and want to send them my way i'll let you know how i "feel" about them lol I had this dream last night where I hooked up with this random straight guy in a bathroom. I sucked his dick and he was going crazy at how good it felt. To bad it was only a dream... haha

Anyways... im off to google but not to play. Not enough privacy to play right now.

Wow almost a week.

on Thursday, July 15, 2010
Yikes. I have been gone a while lol. I just wanted to make a quick update. Ever since my dad has gotten here we have been having a blast. Its like a complete change in energy around here. I wish I could write about all the stuff in this post but I have about 20 mins to get ready to leave the house for the day and Im still sitting in my PJ's lol

I decided that instead of flying alone I would extend my trip and be with the family. (instead of flying home yesterday I'm staying until the 29th). That also means that I'll be going on a family trip to New York =p Im super excited for that also. I'm thinking about seeing American Idiot on broadway. I was thinking about seeing In The Heights but American Idiot seems more my type. It sounds like a type of musical that rent was but with music from Green Day (which its to bad they only took the songs off that one album. There older stuff is amazing!)

Well anyway. I have been enjoying myself and drinking way to many beers. lol We are taking a trip down to ellat which is the southern part of Israel and can be compared to like the Miami of Israel. We are leaving for that on Sunday. (don't forget Israel is a day a head of America. ex: Monday here is Sunday in America).

Well I have to go jump in the shower. bye =p

Ummm. No.

on Thursday, July 8, 2010
Seriosly? I'm a very fun an inejectic person that just happens to be having a though time RIGHT NOW in life. I lost my best fiends, an uncle, and I'm living with people that aredealing with hard times. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm bitching. Maybe I am but come on. Life isn't all shits and giggles. Some times shit happens and my life isn't all fun and games and sometimes I need to vent about it to people that are not my family.

So thanks for being ok with it. I'm sorry if I'm offending anyone.

P.s. I'm extremely busy. I'm going out with my family all day every day. I don't really have much of a choice. So I'm not sitting home bitching on twitter.

P.s.s. Say the cutesy guy three times in Israel so far. Super
Straight. Goes to my cousins school. Fucking hot. American. But like I said. He is straight. He was at the party I went to actually. Lol

alright it's 10pm her so goodnight. Lol tomorrow I get to see my dad and brother. I'm leaving for Vegas in 4 days though. I might extend my flight. Idk. We will see what heppens.

Music Is My Boyfriend.

on Tuesday, July 6, 2010
[title is from a song. any guesses?]So i just uploaded the blog post from two days ago right now and im waiting for my aunt to pick me up now.

Even thought I am blogging every other day at least its hard for me to upload them in my own privacy. Yesterday was ok. We went out and got lunch at the restaurant right on top of the beach. I love sitting on the back. Its amazing. Pure realization. My cousin im liking with and another cousin of mine that recently moved to israel also joined us. I got to see my aunt and uncle that lived with us in vegas and then moved here around 3 or 4 years ago. Anyway… that was yesterday.

(i left with my aunt by the way and i just got back home.)

I couldn't sleep last night. There is the most annoying ringing in my room EVER. It goes in an out in different random intervals that are all different random lengths. I even tried sleeping with my iPod in but that didn't work. So what did I do? I slept during the day. When I was SO tired it couldn't bother me. Except now im super awake and everyone is tired because they spend the day at the pool. Woo.

So yah. I just got back from BBB (thats burger burger bar). I didn't eat a burger because I had one last night. BEST BURGER EVER by the way. The fries and the caesar salad were both amazing as well. The place was called Wolfnight. AMAZING. So today I just had chicken and fries. Pretty boring. Now im back home and doing nothing. Everyone is doing nothing as well. (nothing as in they are showing or playing games on the iphone and stuff).

So yah. As much as I want to go out there is no where to go or anyone to go with. Fun…

Ok. well im going to sulk in the humidity. Also who has a twitter?!? I need to start following you guys because right now I only know of like 3 of you that tweet haha.

my twitter is: whats yours?!?!

These blogs are being uploaded a day or 2 delayed.

So this was my thoughts two days ago lol here you go:

Well… I haven't blogged in a while. I don't have much privacy or time so it doesn't really work out. Like I can type at night in my room but there is no connection here to post it. Oh well…

So here is how its going. Im kind of over it. Israel is fun and all but it doesn't feel like a vacation. I'm living with a family who just lost a husband/dad to cancer. Im going with them to do all the family stuff and its just like I am doing things for them. Like the other day I fixed her videos of him. Today we went and looked at cars that she needs to get because she is getting rid of his car. We went and got dinner and the little kid is crying and she is all depressed. Its not fun after a while…

The my little cousin (he is 4) is really cute but kids really get to me. The cry and cry and get what they want. They are rude and disrespectful and always end up getting what they want. It's absurd. Then again I know. He is a little kid but still. It gets annoying to have to sit in the middle of the freeway for 20min because the kid starts crying.

Like my mom promised me it wouldn't be this way. I told her I only wanted to do 3 things. Be on the beach drinking a beer at sunset, get shwarma (a type of food), and get ice cream at this place that is my favorite. Everyday she promises me the same thing and every day we get stuck doing shit that my aunt needs to do. Literally like im just stuck here for the ride of her family.

Oh and don't you tell me they have it worse. I know they do but its not like my family is better know. Think of the facts: my dad and mom haven't been in the same place for over 3 months now. My mom left and my brother still hansn't seen her in those 2 months. I have seen her but for 14 days then I leave and I don't get to see my dad or brother for another month. Like we all can't be in the same place and see each other. Its impossible.

I feel like everything is going downhill and its scares me. Everything was so good. I'm ready for the end of this roller coaster…

i want a boyfriend and friends that I can consider TRUE friends. I want to be happy again. but how? idk. im just ready for this to be over right now.

tomorrow is going to be different. at least thats what my mom promised. breakfast on the beach. lets see how that one ends up going…

10 days of israel left.

p.s. i deleted danika off Facebook. she posted in this group message about how i was in israel. I got so angry. How dare she say my name. Who the hell does she think she is. And speak for me?!?! go to hell.

So last night was awesome.

on Friday, July 2, 2010
Agh! I had to much fun last night. First off I got a haircut and then I ate dinner. That was really it before the night part.

My cousin who moved here to go to college invited me to a party last night. It was so much fun. I got to meet all these really cool people and for the first time ever I got to legally drink lol Yes! haha not much to it other then the fact that the party wasn't being broken up this time.

I had myself a few shots and a few mixed drinks. I knew my cousin and a friend that she also invited that was visiting. Other then that I met people there. After the party we all went out to this club called Central Park. It was really nice. It was outdoors so it was super hot and sweaty.

Well. I HAVE to go so bye. I'll write more about this latter!

Forgot to post this after posting the wrong post haha

fml. posted the wrong file last night and then deleted the right one off my laptop. So here is short version lol

So right now its thursday morning. Yesterday after the gardner came and fixed the water the bug spray guy came to spray the house so we had to leave the house. We went and meet up with this guy that is re-doing my uncle's grave. He had it so that the top of his grave is a big garden. So they are going to add water falls and a bridge and asian style flowers. Stuff like that.

After that we went and picked up one of my cousins and we went to eat. While we were there I got my eyebrows waxed next door because the person that does it is my aunts friend. She later joined us for lunch lol Then we went and got my second cousin and went and got my mom a rental car. After that mess we went and spend a few hours at my aunts friend's house. To my surprise im "John from youtube." As everyone knows who I am. lol Kinda cool yet a little creepy lol. Anyway… we headed to their end of the year school play thing that they did. It was boring so I played tetris. I got to level 15. yay haha

So cool trip for you guys (also why i post so late/early). Take the Pacific time and add 3. Then change AM to PM or PM to AM. So it its 11:13pm in LA or LV its 2:13AM here. Da dah! haha