Wow its been a while... sorry.

on Monday, January 24, 2011
Work has consumed my life. I think I went out one night since new years. So not much to say about that. I went out to a gay bar and it was fun.

I just started school today. I actually just got done with my first class. It was BUS 101. Pretty easy class and I think I really will enjoy the way my professor teaches. Here is the classes Im taking:

BUS 101
COM 101
ENG 101
Math 120

I was going to take philosophy but the class was full and the other ones didnt fit my schedule. All my classes are split into 2 classes a week and hour and 20 min each. The other 5 days a week I have work and I took one day off in between the two days of school to do homework and such. I'm excited! My next class is actually in a little less then an hour. Its right by my house so I might walk to it but I also need to go return something first so there is no real point to drive there then home and then walk. I will start walking when it gets a little nicer out though for sure!!

Other then that work has been AMAZING. Every day is a new experience and I love that I can totally say I LOVE going into work and im passionate about my company. =p

Ill try to blog more often. I actually have hours off in between classes so maybe I'll have some downtime and be able to actually write here.


Wayne said...

Wow you love your work and your company! That one's a keeper. If you can arrange your classes around it so it does not overtax you then that would be great. Be sure to manage your time carefully so you can get the schoolwork done and a decent night's sleep too. And don't let bf drama derail you lol. The work/school schedule may help you avoid the emotional turmoil; a dose of the real world is good for you. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a not-so-bad schedule. And well good on a job that you love. Trade ya! LOL...don't worry about not posting. Those of us who follow will be around to say hello when you are!

You might want to change your masthead, since you're not in high school any more!

Peace <3

The Mad Man said...

So I'll be waiting...

Dany x said...


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