on Sunday, May 30, 2010
I took a couple days off on the blog. Needed to refresh a bit.

First, thanks =p
Second, thanks again.
Third, how are you? I feel like we haven't "talked" in a while.
Forth, I FINALLY GOT THOSE PICS FROM PRIDE! One of them didnt download right but im going to try again and see if it works. I'll post them at the end of the post. =p

I just wanted to really quickly update you on my friend I wrote about. She is currently with some guy that is giving her a little attention. She has missed about 3 or 4 big social events with her best friends to go make stupid decisions again. I understand you guys to know her and you can only go off what im saying, which means you are looking for the best in the person. I talked to my friends about it. They all feel the same way as I did. I ended up telling one of the girls that I trust the most about the surprise because I needed help on deciding. She didn't help me much because she said the same thing as I did in the post. She said in the long run for her it's a reassurance that she doesn't need to try hard in life. That things will always be giving to her and that I would be the one that she asks things of and when she doesn't receive she will blow up. K. Thats that. Just wanted to update you all on that thing now back to the post.

These past few days have been very un-gay. I mean no gay stuff is going on. I dont have a boyfriend, I haven't met any new gay guys. Nothing. It's been fry since pride. Im going to college soon so im hopping that will change! =p

I have been focusing on film and stuff. Me and a partner, her name is shelby, are working together on a youtube channel. We just started the process. We had our first meeting where we came up with all the details like the name and the schedule of uploading videos, when we are going to launch, what type of videos we want to do, video ideas, ect. Then we had our second meeting this past friday where we wrote four different skits type videos. Our first filming day is tuesday. =p Im excited.

These past few days have been pretty awesome. Friday was like the longest day ever. Shelby (the friend that makes stupid decisions) called me at 12:30am when i was sleeping. She needed a place to stay. She says she was to tired to drive 30min home. My theory is that she was going to sleep at this guys house and then his mom got mad so she had no place to stay. So she called me. Woke ME up. Then at 7am I got a text from her friend saying "wake up now!" why? i have no idea. So i go wake up the friend. I didnt have finals that day but she did. She told me that she was paranoid last night and stayed up studying for three hours because she had her english final and she needed to do good on it or she wont pass the class and wouldn't graduate. (umm. then why the fuck did you drive all the way to a different city to see some bands show that you couldn't even get into because is was 21+ and then drive all of your "fiends" home and then take the guy home?) Anyway. I didnt care much about me being woken up. I could have slept for another couple hours but whatever. Then (an hour late cause of the friend). I went to IHOP with my other friend taylor for breakfast. SOOO GOOD =p I love her. She is the one I talked to about the whole trip surprise thing. We had an amazing couple of conversations. Then we headed to the park with my other friend Danika (she is the fourth member of the trip). Anyway then I had a meeting with shelby about the youtube stuff. We wrote and all. After that we were going to see Sex and the City 2 but then we changed plans. I went and got a plastic tube, hose type thing and fixed my hookah hose. It was pretty epic of me. Then I also got a wide-angle lens and super glued a ring on my flip so i could screw it on. It looks amazing and works awesome. The guys at best buy where like wtf? I wouldn't recommend that. Well... I do. =p

That was friday.

Yesterday, Saturday, I basicly worked all day. Yah. Thats it. I still need to finish the project. Deadline it 10am tomorrow and im going out tonight to a family BBQ which I cant dip out. Then im going to a concert. So we will see if I finish. GTG work!! =p bye!


wayner said...

I'm glad things are going well and you are getting a little fun also. Wtf waking you up at 12:30 cos she's irresponsible? I mean I will put myself out for my friends, but there are limits. I think it is time for a summer boyfriend and less of the needy women lol. I hope you pass your exams ok. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

John, sounds like most of your stuff is on track. Yah, WTF is with people doing that wakeup thing just because they feel like it!! Wayner is right - time for a short-term boy buddy who will accept your love and return it to pleasure you both. Take a DEEEEEEEEEP breath before you write your exams, and focus on what you know that you know.

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