on Thursday, September 2, 2010
Umm well how has everyone been? Last we talked I was in a good point in my life right? lol Well the project has come back to haunt me. The catalogue is a no go. She wants to redo it for the 4th time this time ALL the way from the start. So yah. Woo! (sarcasm) Just to update you: The gyc guy deleted me off facebook and when I texted him: "did you delete me off facebook?" he never responded. That's why I dont got for 16 year olds. Mental note taken. lol Lets leave it at that because he isnt worth more.

Everyone is starting college and I really want to as well but like I told you before. I fucked up and missed the date to pay for my classes and now I cant start till spring semester.

I'm starting to miss all my old friends. They are starting their new life so they dont feel it as much i'm guessing. Umm... I still have a couple friends that I'm hanging out with. Taylor is my best friend but whenever we hang out she brings her girlfriend, Summer, and that just makes me feel lonely at times haha. I'm actually going out with one of the people that I have been friends with for a while on Saturday. We are going shopping and then going to see Chelsea Handler. I LOVE Chelsea so im SOO excited for that.

Labor day is coming up and I think we might take a rode trip up to Mount Charleston and have lunch or something. Idk. Something fun like that. lol

I think I'm going to make you guys a little video blog. Now dont take my word for it. It's just an idea that I'm easing up on. I really want to interact with you guys but at the same time still keep my privacy. So Idk how thats going to happen.

I'm also thinking about starting this couch to 5k thing. Its basicity a workout you do 3 times a week and you finish the program in 9 weeks.

Ok. Well I'm going to go and be lonely and do nothing. Yay! haha


Anonymous said...

vid with a paper bag over your head i would so do it Love<~Peter~>

p.s. 16 yr olds equal drama!

Anonymous said...

18 yr olds with too many gurl buddies instead of BFs = the same drama

wayner said...

I echo the above comments. Not going to school also makes it harder to find gay guy prospects; maybe the girls know some gay guys and can connect you. And yeah, cut down on the eating and start working out. Forget the fancy fad-of-the month workouts. Just do 4 sets each (alternating) of push-ups and sit-ups every other day and jog daily (for aerobic). Do some seated arm curls with dumb bells. It actually gets much easier as the weeks go by and the muscles get stronger. The soreness also goes away if you don't miss workouts. Anyway tomorrow is hurricane day here in New Brunswick Canada so I will be doing my work-out (same as above) while the weather is bad. You can see the results on my recent pic; not bad for an old guy. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

The only thing about getting a year or two older is that maybe you appreciate your friends (and potential partners / lovers) a bit more.

If 18s put 16s down, then 21s put 18s down and so on and so on.

I think it all depends on the guy and not so much his/her age. It's just lack of experience and maybe less developed values.

I've known 15/16 y/olds who are more mature than some 18s!

Ho hey - you can knock Smutty Stuff off your bloglist - it's gone months ago - I got fed up of all the hassles and closed it.

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