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on Thursday, June 3, 2010
Ok to tell you the truth I kind of just want to put my name out there. Im not trying to tease you or anything im just telling you guys that im starting to trust more and stuff and that is leading me to the idea of just showing you guys my real twitter, youtube, and dailybooth. lol The only problem I see is foursquare and my full name is everywhere. Which im thinking of just deleting. So idk what to do there but we will see.

Yesterday we had graduation rehearsal. It was the last time I have to step into that building that was my high school. Yay! I got my cap and gown and my card that I need to have for them to read my name. So thats that. Im done with high school kinda. Graduation is the 7th.

THEN the trip is the day after. Wait. Let me get back to that...

So after graduation rehearsal I went home and worked. That night I invited a few friends over and we went swimming at night. Fun times lol

Ok, back to the trip!! OMG im excited. I decided that im going to go ahead and get them the gift. Which is tickets to Universal Studios. I planned out the trip (i made an itinerary. yah. im OCD about planning haha) and made it so we can go without having to stay another day BUT since its a buy one day get the second free they have the option to stay another day so its whatever. I didnt buy the tickets yet and im not going to surprise them. I thought it would be a better decision to surprise them tomorrow at Lesbian's party with a fake ticket I made lol Then if they dont want to go or anything then I dont get fucked over with a $230 bill. lol

While I was making the trip itinerary today, which by the way has pictures and everything. yah. im the gay one. lol, my dad made a comment about how im getting from place to place and how I need a GPS and offered to let me take his Lexus which has the whole call in assistant navigation, iPod, sensors,back up camera, XM radio/weather, and traffic info. The only thing I see is that I'm not really comfortable with the car. I've had my car (Nissan Altima) for 2 years now and I am so comfortable with making sharp turns or having to maneuver in tight spaces. Stuff like that. Also I wouldnt want to like have to worry about his car the whole time. So I'm looking at just getting a 40$ full feature GPS app on my iPhone. It has traffic live, text to speech, and all that fun stuff so it would work pretty well. Idk. We will see. Also gas on his car is the expensive kind and money is a big factor with my friends chipping in.

Tomorrow is Lesbian's grad party. Like I said I made them like fake tickets to Universal and I put them in envelopes and stuff. So I'm excited to give it to them! Then the weekend. It's going to be torture lol I can not wait for that trip. SOO fucking excited. Oh yah.. graduation lol that too.

Blah Blah Blah. An old friend wants to go see Thunder Down Under with me. idk if we are going to go though. She is always flaky so whatever.

Umm. yah. thats about it. Heading back to work now. bye! =p


Anonymous said...

The name thing: let your judgement be your guide. I hate hiding but it is necessary sometimes. If you will feel better, and you are not worried about possible consequences, let it all hang out.

I don’t like the idea of the fake tickets. Just tell them your plans and gauge their reactions. I feel certain they will be positive, THEN you can buy the tickets.

I’m with you on borrowing the car. You don’t need something else to worry about. The iPhone app sounds like the smart way to go. Your reasoning is very good on this one.

I hope you enjoy your graduation. The trip sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

I remember my grad rehearsal, couldn't wait for it to end so I could kiss the place goodbye for good. I had a job out of town that started the next day and kept me busy until I started university, so I never bothered to attend the grad, didn't rent a gown/cap, just had them mail my diploma. I only attended the rehearsal to connect with some buddies for a last time. My parents were a little disappointed not getting pics of me at the ceremony, but they got over it.

Good move on not using your dad's Lexus. They can be a car thief magnet and if you're not used to driving it, the pleasure and fanciness will be outweighed by the tension and worry of messing it up. Nav apps are good, I use one on my Blackberry - it screams out turn-by-turn if I want that, and it is just as accurate as a full in-car GPS module.

Lastly, I would use XXX for your last name if you want to out your profiles on social networking sites. Or just use the initial of your last name. Your decision always, but even playful stalking with no criminal intent can seriously creep a guy out.

Anonymous said...

BTW, you need to update the friends and more links here on your blog page, a bunch of them are dead, disappeared, closed, passworded, and cannot be viewed for one reason or another.

Anonymous said...

Pete and I are out to anyone who wants to know and 'Michael' is my real name and my only forename.

I don't see any problem with you coming out providing that anyone and everyone who might catch any reaction from fools or idiots is already well-happy about your sexuality. It'd be unfortunate if it caused a problem with your folks or friends because they hadn't known.

So I'd just say do a mental check around and make sure that it's not going to cause a problem for anyone else - then there's absolutely no reason why not, is there?

wayner said...

I remember having mixed feelings when I graduated; proud of the accomplishment but feeling a bit weird and insecure. Like your old reality was gone and a new one was coming; a lot of people I knew in high school I never saw again because people are scattered far and wide. (the guy who was almost valedictorian and was student president and into all the activities died in a car accident the following year; talk about a reality check!)
-But sounds like a fun time coming up and it might be a good idea to take the car you are familiar with (check it over before you go). Remember to constantly pay attention to your driving cos distractions (like gps, music, conversation etc) are the major cause of accidents. Always watch out for the other guy and expect the unexpected.
-I remember lots of good times after high school, mostly cos I had more freedom, but always be careful and think ahead. bfn - Wayne :) ( maybe a boyfriend this summer?)

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