First Day In Israel!

on Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Well I'm currently in my room downstairs in the basement so the wifi isn't available. That means im typing this in a document and I'll paste it into blogger latter.

There isn't much to say really. I had monday morning and landed in Israel tuesday morning. It was a total of 17 hours of flying. The flight wasn't to bad. I stayed up the night before with my cousin. We went to see Grown Ups (which is an amazing movie by the way) and then we just hung out till 4am when we headed to the airport. The flight was in two parts. From vegas to newark (NJ) and then from newark to Tel Aviv (Israel). The first flight I was so tired but I was forcing myself to stay up so I could sleep on the longer flight. So I used up my iPhone's battery playing games and listing to music. The second flight was so long. I was half asleep between the first 4 hours of the flight and then I couldn't sleep for the rest of the flight. I ended up watching shutter island and it was so good. Other then that the flight was pretty smooth.

I landed here and my mom and my aunt picked me up. We headed to get some food and a few other stuff she needed to get done. Then we headed to her house. Its gorgeous. One of the nicest houses I have seen. It's big and modern and has a cute spacious back yard. Anyways… I took a shower and then my uncle came over to pick up this mic that he bought and was shipped to our house in LV (I brought it in my suit case). Then my uncle, cousin, my mom, and I all went on a little walk to the cafe and I had a coffee. It was nice.

Right now its Wednesday morning. The time at home in las vegas is tuesday night. I have somewhat of an idea of how the day is going but not for sure. I'll let you guys know. Tomorrow night I'm going out with my cousin (thats 20 and goes to college here but lived with me in vegas and grew up with me). We are going to this birthday party and then we are going out to a club. She also said something about taking me to a gay club in Tel Aviv but I don't think she has time really. She has finals going on right now.

Well… I'm waiting for the guy to fix the water because it has a leak and they turned it off. I really want to take a shower. It REALLY humid here as a posed to vegas where its complete dry. So showers are really a blessing haha

K. Well I'm going to go and see whats up with the water guy. I'll talk to you all later! BYE! =p


Anonymous said...

Very interesting post! I will enjoy keeping up with your activities as you tell about them. Have fun!

wayner said...

You sound nice and laid-back; some R&R is just what you need. The gay club sure sounds interesting and I hope you get a chance for a visit. I'll bet the ex-gfs are sitting around bored to death. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

water guy?? Is that like a plumber, back here?? lol You sound REALLY tired, kid... That whole time change thing is really a pain, huh?? Boy, I hope the water situation gets fixed quick, for your sake!! I can't stand it when I need a shower, but, can't get at it, for one reason, or another...

Well, try to stay up till bedtime, and then get a few extra hours of sleep in... that should catch you up!! have fun, stay safe!! luv, tman<3

p.s. I'll bet there are some REALLY cute guys there, just waiting to interact with a cute guy from the states!! ; P

John Doe said...

@Brian: thanks! i'll keep updated you haha

@wayner: haha well i dont care about them anymore. thats my thought mentality. lol im very laid back. i just need the beach lol

@tman: yah it was the gardner. i just called him that. lol yah i did just that. im still a little tired during the day but not at times like this (12:30am) lol.

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