Leaving for LA - Follow Me!

on Tuesday, June 8, 2010
since im going to be at cali im not going to blog as much so i decided to get a twitter for this blog: https://twitter.com/sinceyoutweet yay!!

if it goes well ill keep it going. if no one follows then... haha anyways. its 8 and we are leaving in an hour and I just got out of the shower... yes. im blogging naked. haha

alright well. gotta go. love you guys!


Oliver said...

followed :)

wayner said...

I'm not a Twitter guy, but I'll check on it occasionally. Sure is nice to get away on a trip; have a good time! bfn - Wayne :)

HMG said...

Yay another blogger on Twitter!!

Anonymous said...

Be safe, be well, have tuns o' fun; get back and blog us all about your Cali-venture!

Anonymous said...

Have fun, kid!! I don't tweet... I have birds outside my window, @5am that do that!! lol luv, tman<3

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