Well, It Started W/ Your Hips So I Moved Up To Your...

on Sunday, August 29, 2010
Its a song. lol I like it. Im currently watching the Emmy's and loving it. Last night was fun but there were times were it just sucked. I went out for my friends 18th birthday. Her girlfriend came with her. Then it was a friend that is a girl and her girlfriend. So now we are at 4 lesbians and me. Then we went out to the strip where we were joined by another couple and a girl who wasnt really there so I didnt notice her. Then we went to the hookah lounge and it was just the original 5 again. So me and 2 couples. My friends (the birthday girl) brother came to the lounge and we had a really good conversation till he left. Then we left. It made me really want someone for myself. :/

So now that my friend is 18 I'm taking her to a hookah lounge that is amazing. We went to this ghetto one that doesn't card yesterday because there were younger people in the group. Her girlfriend is 17. So I though it would be an opportunity to just go me and her. You see usually she is really good like doing the whole friend and girlfriend separate time thing but ever since I got back from Israel it was like I saw her one day and then every other time I invited her over she asked if she could bring her girlfriend. Nothing against her girlfriend. I LOVE hanging out with her. I have the best times with her. It's just that sometimes I want it to be just us. Not that couple and John. Anyway's so she asked me if she can bring her and see if she can get in and if not then she will leave.

Oh and now I found out that she can't come with me anymore to the concert in October because of her softball games. Idk anyone else that likes this band that would drive down there with me. Which really sucks. =[ That was like the highlight of my year.

Havn't heard from GYC guy yet. Going to stop by my old high school tomorrow and see my old teachers. Just for fun. lol


Jake said...

Gosh, i thought i was the only one who did that. Love going to see my old teachers, although there are only one or two I really care about.

wayner said...

I wish you could attract the gay guys like you do the lesbians lol. But it is nice to talk to girls when the sexuality thing is out in the open and there is no sexual tension. I really hated it in my teens when being in the closet was the norm. I had to avoid girls cos I would be in the postion of having to reject any sexual advances; the girl then maybe thinking she is unattractive. How nice it would have been then to have a comfortable conversation with them. That is one of the wonderful perks of being out; being able to be yourself. I think you are looking for that GYC guy at the high school lol. bfn - Wayne :)

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