Forgot to post this after posting the wrong post haha

on Friday, July 2, 2010
fml. posted the wrong file last night and then deleted the right one off my laptop. So here is short version lol

So right now its thursday morning. Yesterday after the gardner came and fixed the water the bug spray guy came to spray the house so we had to leave the house. We went and meet up with this guy that is re-doing my uncle's grave. He had it so that the top of his grave is a big garden. So they are going to add water falls and a bridge and asian style flowers. Stuff like that.

After that we went and picked up one of my cousins and we went to eat. While we were there I got my eyebrows waxed next door because the person that does it is my aunts friend. She later joined us for lunch lol Then we went and got my second cousin and went and got my mom a rental car. After that mess we went and spend a few hours at my aunts friend's house. To my surprise im "John from youtube." As everyone knows who I am. lol Kinda cool yet a little creepy lol. Anyway… we headed to their end of the year school play thing that they did. It was boring so I played tetris. I got to level 15. yay haha

So cool trip for you guys (also why i post so late/early). Take the Pacific time and add 3. Then change AM to PM or PM to AM. So it its 11:13pm in LA or LV its 2:13AM here. Da dah! haha


Anonymous said...

Holy crap... my brain just went into hyperdrive after I read the last few sentences of your post... 3 + 3+ change am to pm or pm to am, or WTF!!! Hey kid, my brain was fried already today, after a long, hot day of work!! I'm not going there with all the calculations, right now!!!
Why are you building a waterfall over a grave?? This is too weird!! Did your uncle own a landscaping business, or something??
Oh, and you keep talking about this youtube video... All right, come clean- lol give us a link, so we can see what you're talking about!!
By the way, if you're famous, there must be groupies... cute, boy groupies, hanging on your every Use your fame to your benefit, if you know what I mean!! luv, tman<3

wayner said...

Sounds very nice; I'm so glad you are resting your frazzled nerves lol. I comment on a few blogs in various spots around the world and I have to keep the time zone thing in mind. bfn - Wayne :)

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