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on Saturday, August 7, 2010
I have some pretty crazy stories from Israel I still need to tell you guys. One of them was just weird.. So my dad's something or other. (cousins son? idk) Decided that he was going to take me out in Tel Aviv. So he took me to his apartment. Then to a bar. He got me a beer (not the bottle like half from the tap.) He bought be 3 shots and then we left... To a store to buy me ANOTHER beer. lol It was a 30. Omg I was so tipsy. Luckily I have high tolerance for alcohol because the whole time we were walking in public and it was like 5pm. So then he was like lets walk to the beach. I didnt have any beach clothes. So I just decided that I was going to go in with my shorts. I was wearing shoes with socks and that was like the hardest thing. Taking them off with NO balance. Yah... lol So then we go in the water and im like this is awesome. Water was perfect. I was buzzed enough to be able to enjoy it and not care that in 5 min I will be leaving without a towel and be soaking wet with sand in my socks and wearing shoes walking thew Tel Aviv. So we leave and then he was like "i have to stop at the mall and buy a pair of pants" so im like whatever. So now im like "not sober" in a mall, wet, and full of sand. Oh yah. im a rebel. Not to mention this WHOLE time he was talking about girls. Every 5 min he would point out a girl or say something about girls. I was so in the closet with him. I hated it. It was horrible. Like I had to tell lies and shit and be like "yah... all the girls are immature." and I kept making excuses to why I wasnt making advances towards girls. It was bad... So then we walked back to his apartment and he drove me back. It was just weird. lol

So I went to NY for 4 days and it was a blast. I got to see Billy Elliot as well as American Idiot. Both were fantastic. We went and did the tourist thing also. Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, Empire State Building. We got to go to the meat packing district which was AWESOME. I loved it there. I went to the 5th avenue apple store and got my iPhone 4 there. Im an apple fan so that was like going to see the pope or something. haha So that was New York. I did more but nothing THAT interesting.

So I get back to vegas right. My friend carrie was like, LETS HANG OUT. I missed her so much. So we hung out one night. We went to the strip and it was fun. =p She just got out of a 3 year relationship with this guy she was in love with. I was friends with her for those 3 years so I can tell that she is back to her old single fun self. To bad she is moving away for college. I'm going to miss her.

So then this guy right. I talked to him on facebook while I was in Israel. He really wants to hang out. He keeps texting me and he totally wants to fuck. Except he has horrible timing. Like I have to work or Im with my family. I had to blow him off three times already. He JUST texted me and invited me to his party at his house tonight. He is 20. Too tall and has blond hair. I fucked him before so I know that his cock doesn't make up for it much. The only reason Im willing to do it again is because the sex was HORRIBLE. Yah. It was in his truck in like the mountains and it was just like bad. I was 16 at the time. So I want it to be like fucking hot sex. Like maybe the sex will be amazing. Idk. Im weird I guess. He just texted me saying soooooo. damn. he really wants me. Oh yah. the reason that I havnt talked to him since was because he was like IN LOVE with me. Like he was obsessed. It didnt help that he was friends with people I knew because I really didnt want them knowing I had sex with him. He has this ego over the top personality. Total turn off.

Anyway. Umm... idk if im going to go tonight. One: because idk how im going to explain it to my mom. She knows that im not really social since the whole LA thing and it will throw up some red flags. Two: I dont want to spend the night there or have sex tonight. Im not in the mood. If I drink both will most likely happen. Three: I have a deadline for a project due tomorrow and I have A LOT of work that still needs to be done. So idk if im going to go or not.

Also idk who else he invited. If its just me and him and like 3 other people its going to be awkward.

Also since I was in Israel I really havnt groomed myself. Like I trimmed but I havnt like did a full service type thing. I usually trim the bush, save the shaft and my balls and do as much shaving as I can around my hole. Im pretty hairy. Its one of my least favorite features... (also im not THAT hairy. Just not, not hairy lol).

Well im going to deiced what to do. lol bye.

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wayner said...

One of the worst things about being in the closet is listening to str8 guys going on about girls and pretending to agree. (I really fuckin hated that in my teens) One of the nice things about being out of the closet is that you can enjoy the company of a girl with no sexual tension.
-Why does a guy have to go through so many road-blocks so he can have some well deserved sex? Maybe you shouldn't pass up this guy who is really hot for you; you might get introduced to other gay guys too. Me, I've been shaving the pubic area nice and smooth twice a week for the last 30yrs so I was well ahead of the trend. It only takes about 10min so don't use that as an excuse lol. bfn - Wayne :)

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