on Wednesday, August 25, 2010
I have been consumed in work lately. I love and hate it. It's a perfect mix of need and want and not want. I know that makes no sense. Thats me ;)

So yah. I made a GYC profile. Its basically a Facebook for gays. As soon as I added a pic i got 2 messages. One from an 8 and another from a 2. I would of responded to the 2 if it wasn't a stupid hi. Give me some effort at least. I'm not going to date you but at least make the conversation worth while. I messaged the 8 back a day latter. He is cute. 16. Latino. Taller then me. Usually not my type but hey. I need to be less picky. I havn't really had that much time to scope out the scene but I will soon. Maybe find a couple cute guys and take them out on some dates. I feel like im ready to start dating. Nothing to much just a couple dates. Lets see...

I applied for a new stable job. You already know i've been doing the whole graphic/web design thing but its not stable and paychecks come every other month and I need to pay my bills lol So maybe i'm getting paid less but I want to be able to dress up and go out and work. I just am sick of staying home in my PJ's and working 12 hours starring at a computer screen. I'll tell you where when I get the job or when i dont get the job. Hopefully the former.

Me and my parents got into a HUGE debate about me not believing in "our" religion. He is saying that im being disrespectful for not going threw with all of the religious sermonizes that he does because I dont believe in what they stand for. I personally dont believe in Judaism. I right now can't say I dont believe in any religion because I haven't studied them all but or now im not looking for one. So here is the deal. He basically is forcing me to do all these religious tasks or else. He tried guilting me and blackmailing me and all. He even said I was just trying to be a horrible son referring to me being gay and not starting college till fall and drinking and smoking weed back in the day. I just dont give a shit. He told me that if I dont do all the religious stuff not to go to his funeral because its going to be a jewish funeral and he wasnt to "rid" me of the experience. Yah... that pissed me off.

Funny fact: they went to San Francisco a couple days ago and my mom brought me back a rainbow bracelet. Yah...

I'll update you all as life goes on. I'm hopefully getting paid tomorrow morning. Let's see how this week goes.


wayner said...

Yeah, a regular out-in-the-real-world job with people may be more satisfying. And Facebook for gays sounds like just the ticket. You need a bf that you can talk to and confide in.
-Oh c'mon, give your parents a break and get into the religion a bit. Ignore the parts that diss homosexuality cos you know they were written by men and know also the context of the times in which they were written. It's your tradition and heritage and may be more important to you as you get older. The 'Old Testament' of the Christian Bible is basically Jewish writings. Sometimes religious organisations provide connections (and maybe some closeted gays!). bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like it might be a quick hook up site like a lot of places have turned into poor sites i really wish there was a place just to be and you know not have to worry about well sex! there i said it i am a teenage guy that doesnt always want sex just most of the time as for the god stuff i heard this amzing thing told to me just because my god is not yours doesnt mean he doesnt exist your god may be different from mine...its all in your beliefs i believe if its wrong to you then its wrong if it is not then it isnt ya know i know its annoying when people say that Love<~Peter~>

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