Shit has happened.

on Saturday, August 14, 2010
So lets start where I left off a week ago. I ended up going to the party at this guys house. I met these really cool people that are like "yah lets hang out!" and when im inviting them to things either never text me back or just dont end up coming. Whatever. Their loss.

Anyways... So I go and meet this girl names Lisa and a Guy names Chase that are pretty cool. Lisa was my favorite. She was nice and we had things to talk about. Chase was gay and cute. In a fun way. Like he seems like he's always up for a good time. Then there was another gay guy named Dallis. He was sober but he was nice. He was a little older then me and already had a job and a nice car. Graduated already with a degree. Not as cute as Chase but not ugly. From what I heard after I left (4am) they went upstairs and hooked up. Yah... lol There was the guys best friends and another guy that had sex with one of his best friends. Jess and Lauren where the friends and the guy was nicknamed "wow meth." long story.

So the next day I got invited to this lunch/movie with a bunch of friends. So I go and Danika is there. It wasn't like awkward or anything but I want going to be like "lets talk" yah no. Anyway by then end of the day she was like lets talk. So I finally made the decision that I was going to forgive them. Not shelby. She can go burn in hell for all I care. I talked to Taylor the day after that and we hung out. It was nice.

Yesterday I had a BBQ at the park. It was my first time BBQ on a coal grill so that was interesting. I did an AMAZING job. The food was great and we had fun. There was about 10 of us there so it was nice. I spend the rest of the day with my friend Carrie. She is going off to college in Utah and im going to miss her SOO much. =[

Well tonight im having a little kick back at my house. My parents are out of town and yah... I'm a bad kid. I just had a conversation with my mom about how she should trust me and no im going against her word... I'll deal with that later in life I guess haha.

Ok. So last night I called over this guy and we had sex. Fist of all it wasnt the first time. Last time it was in his truck like 2 years ago and it was bad. This time it was in my room and after the first like 10min I wasnt into it anymore. Like he was having a blast. It was just not that hot for me. I wasn't really attracted to him that much as much as I just wanted to have sex and he was the person that I knew was available. So yah. It's not happening again. He is one of those have sex and its a relationship the next time type deals and hell no is that going to happen. I can say that right now.

I'm going to go get ready and shit. I know like at least 7 people are coming. Not much of a party. Just like a kickback. Don't want to reck the place haha. I invited like 20 so maybe a few more people will show. They just never texted me back so yah... ok. bye.


wayner said...

Well it certainly sounds like you are back in circulation again! I dunno; do you get the feeling that some people are phonies and others are sincere? Anyway the idea is to get together and have a good time. I'm kind of wondering what 'type' of guy you are interested in though; keep in mind that your fantasy guy and the real world are two different things. Myself ideally I have always liked an average looking guy who was slim and fit like me ('cute' is a temporary illusion!). Of course the personalities must click; someone you always feel comfortable with, not uneasy. And yeah the 'relationship' thing can limit your freedom, but you might not mind it if you find the right guy. You only get so many chances for that life partner so don't be too picky lol; I have some cousins who are now old maids cos they would only settle for 'Mr Perfect' (who doesn't exist). And your secondary education years are coming up with new possibilities, but remember that your education takes priority over your social life cos being poor is no fun. Have a nice get-together. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

did i miss something or is this a continuous drama of bad friends, good friends, sex, no sex, etc. etc. ur life is more like a soap opera on tv than real. u seem more like 15 not 18

Anonymous said...

lol thats life love for every one its drama filled and blah sometimes and yes sometimes it seems unreal the difference between you and the blogger is he tells it all instead of letting it past trust me i have had days where it was really bad then fine the next day or so then fire lol its life and i wrote a really long fucjking post...oops wonders if this blogger minds cursing not like i am cursing at any one umm what esle is there to say oh well i have wrote too much already Love<~Peter~>

word thingy:unreal

John Doe said...

peter: curse away lol

anyn: my life might seem like a soap but thats because your reading my diary. my perspective on MY life. all the thoughts in my head are here. So I guess thats just how it comes out. I accepted 2 friends apologies for the things they had done and we are working on restoring our friendship. the sex thing well... people have shitty sex. im not going to tell you all about all the amazing sex because thats just sex. nothing more. when its bad or something goes wrong then im going to point it out.

wayner: we dont click. hes not my type. i agree though. I just havnt found the right guy yet. still looking for someone to fit a little bit not that perfect picture. lol thanks =p

Anonymous said...

just live the life, be a tad careful about the important things and people, but enjoy!

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