Everyone's Leaving.

on Saturday, August 21, 2010
College season is upon us and John isn't going to be going out of the state (or country) anytime soon. Well unless next year is soon. Right now im stuck in las vegas. I didnt pay in time for my classes so I'm stuck starting classes in the spring. I was in Israel and the school wont let you pay online so by the time I got back it was to late.

Most of my friends have left. Some went to Utah, others went up north to Reno (a 9 hour drive away). That's where most of them went now that I think of it. lol Some of them I'm going to miss deeply. I might drive down to Utah for the Shakespeare festival because thats the school my friends are at. Maybe I'll go down there for the weekend.

Also there is this concert that I REALLY want to go to in Anaheim, CA so I might drive down there in October to see them. So that is the traveling im planning on doing for this first half of the year.

So what am I planning on doing for the rest of the year until school starts? Umm... work. Full time. Hopefully I can start by Sept because I really need some money. I'm also waiting on a paycheck that should have been given to me about a month ago. Its a big one also!

So tonight my 2 friends are going to come sleepover and we are going to watch movies and maybe smoke some hookah and just chill. I love those kinds of nights! They are my favorite!! I'm in the middle of cleaning my room and its a total mess so I'm going to get going! Bye!


Anonymous said...

every one is going on sleep overs lol Love<~Peter~>

wayner said...

Wtf; you didn't pay in time for your classes!? Er, aren't we talking about something pretty basic here? I guess you have a semester system nowadays; in antediluvian times we went for a year and if you flunked it you repeated the year; and less than 60% was a fail. I made sure I didn't fail lol. But holy shit John, get serious about your education. You get rusty being away from school too long but maybe working at a low paying job for a while will make you think more favourably about school. There are so many fun temptations around these days for young people, and this makes it difficult to focus on education. Anyway get your act together cos you are making me sound like a responsible adult lol. You have interests that can lead to various careers; you should check on the qualifications that you need and work toward that goal. But have some fun when you can. bfn - Wayne :) (I hope someone has some good dope for the hookah lol)

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