Hey! Steve Jobs. If you read this. Can I have a job at a store? Please?!

on Saturday, August 28, 2010
I applied at apple. Which is like saying you applied to Harvard. Its really really hard to get an interview even. You have to be really lucky. Which isnt the streak im on right now. If I dont hear from Apple by Monday I'm seriously going to be disappointed. I want to start something already. I'm sick of staying home and doing nothing. Well... I'm working, just not like out of the house working.

Anyways. GYC guy. We started messaging each other. He goes to the high school I graduated from. He is cute. He seems mature but fun. He has a job. He is in choir. Umm yah. I'll let you know where this goes.

Anyways... I went to a Frat party. Ummm... not my scene lol I got in because I have a friend who is in a sorority and I didnt know anyone there so it was awkward most of the night following here around. I had a few drinks and shit but nothing crazy. I needed to drive home and it was a 20 min drive on the freeway so yah... There was a gay guy there but he either didnt take the hint or didnt want to. I made myself available. Fun fact. I heard that the president of the frat is gay, out, with a boyfriend. That is amazing. I'm happy for him. I can't really see myself in that lifestyle. I'm all about going out and having fun but frat parties are a little over the top for me. I'm more the club out with the close friends type of guy. Yah...

So tonight is my best friends birthday. We are going out on the town. The strip and then a hookah lounge? idk. Some of the people are under 18 so we will see what happens there. I really should start getting ready. Ummm... yah. I want to say GOOD LUCK to my twitter friend and fellow blogger Robert on his date tonight. =p his blog is lrtackle15.blogspot.com. Ok. I'm going to get ready! Bye!

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wayner said...

'....he goes to the high school I graduated from'; where was your gadar lol? I don't know about applying for jobs these days; they say you have the best luck if you pound the pavement cos online applications just seem to dissappear into a black sucking void forever. And frat parties; isn't that where you go to binge on booze until you make love to the toilet? Ah the joys of drunken oblivion! The civilized club out sounds very nice and you will definitely feel better the next day! bfn - Wayne :)

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