104. (was 105 but I guess I'm not THAT interesting)

on Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Thank you to you. Yah you definitely read that right. I have 104 followers today. I had 105 yesterday but whatever, I like even numbers anyways lol. I can't believe that 104 people care about my life. That is insane. I know its not like 10,000 but its a lot for me and I want you to know that I appreciate the fact that you care enough to read this blog. Seriously if your one of those followers and you dont usually leave me a comment PLEASE do. I want to hear your voice like you hear mine. I'm going to make sure to reply to each and every one of you that leaves a comment and say thank you! =p I love you guys!!

Anyway. I know I was going to tell you this story that is insane but 1) im super tired and 2) it might get some media attention and my school might be mentioned so for now (this week) it would be a good idea to wait it out and tell you guys later on. I hope you understand lol

So yah. I dont know what to do with this whole boy thing. It's bugging me. Every night I think about him and how I want to make some kind of move but I don't want to look like an idiot. The fact that he doesn't seem very interested doesn't help either. =[ We will see what happens...

I'm going to leave you with a thought... there was a 15 year old boy wearing a "i love lady gay gay" shirt that got sent home from school to change because his shirt caused a distraction. His shirt is a distraction? How about sports. Sports is a HUGE distraction. I'm sure that 99% of the kids that are in the football team dont give 2 shits on the day of a game when they are at school. Or how about rallies. How is that not a distraction. Well some would argue that this is a bad thing. I disagree. I think that the more and more this kind of stuff starts to happen the more we all as gays are going to start getting noticed and gain rights. We need there to be something wrong for it to be changed into a good.

My left knee is spazzing out and its really bugging me. It's like its out of the socket or something. Night lol


HMG said...

Hey just telling you I am part of the 1% of football players that actually cares about school on game days, but ten again I am also probably one of the 5% of football players that are gay (although I am only guessing that percent). But that does piss me off that a school would do that I mean it is just a short the only thing wrong it says is gay, but is not showing a giant amount of cleavage at least a little more profane in a school environment?
P.S. think the best thing you can do with the boy problem is take a shot in the dark I mean it will be better than nothing, like just ask him out on a date or to hang out together just the two of you sometime. If you truly want to be with him you have to let him know you are interested.

Tommy said...

First comment. I read nearly all your posts but never usually comment so here it is.

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

John, HMG has a point - take a shot in the dark. Sometimes, showing indifference is another way of masking anxiety. It's very common these days for mid-teens to feign boredom or "could-care-less" when they really are scared or intimidated by something. It can be an emotional safety valve that lets them think about an issue before committing to it.

Who knows............the younger dude may be very awed by you and is not mature enough to show it clearly. The worst that can happen is he'll say no. You'll get over it if that happens. But what if he says yes - at least a 50 percent chance of that, right?!

wayner said...

You know, some of us older followers are there because we want the young gays today to have the support that we didn't have when we were young. I don't want any young gay person today to feel sexually alienated and alone. I remember being a kid in church and hearing the minister talking about Jesus saying to forgive people who persecute you; I couldn't imagine why anyone would persecute me. Homophobic parents unwittingly are actually persecuting their own closeted gay kids. I know what that is like. So maybe that is why you are getting more followers than you expect.
-The T-shirt thing; North American society is almost hysterically insane when it comes to sexuality and young people; young people aren't supposed to be sexual. When I was a kid in the early 60's, we wore speedo style bathing suits at the beach; today they cover them up in knee length boxer style swim trunks (horrible to swim in!) How Puritanical can you get? Young people take sexual information very matter-of-factly, maybe with a few laughs, but parents freak out. Yet we have the biggest porn industry in the world, just a few clicks away on any computer. Can you say hypocracy? And the sports stuff is way overblown. A few winners and a lot of losers; sounds great.
-And the boyfriend thing; sorry, but sex is all about taking some risk. bfn - Wayne

John Doe said...

@HMG: thanks for the advice. I'm going to run with it =p

@Tommy: YESS =p lol thanks for being awesome and commenting and reading! =p

@CP: agreed =p

@wayner: did i say sex? no. I said like. If anything im going to take it slow with the kid. I want a real relationship this time. I've fucked up enough with putting out too early.

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