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on Wednesday, April 14, 2010
I dont know what to title this. Its going to be pretty random. First I wanted to let you all know that I am going to start having sex again. If you know me I was like "no sex till I find someone I love" yah... im kinda over that lol Anyway.

That guy. You know the one I liked but didn't like and it was all complicated. Well it isn't anymore. He is dating someone. Met him today. I would like to let you all know (not trying to sound egotistical) that im way hotter then this kid. If I'm an 8.5 he is a 6. Yah.

I'm not jealous (p.s. I always spell that word wrong... thank you spell check). I'm not disappointed. I'm not even bummed out. So that leads me to think that I didn't really like him. I kinda just liked the idea of liking him. If that makes sense whatsoever.

I need to start loosing weight. I gained like 10 pounds and I need them off. I'm not fat I just have a couple pounds I want off. Seriously I am so lazy when it comes to working out. Also I am one of those people that get really bored at the gym. During the summer I went at least 5 days a week. So yah. I need to start going again. Especially since I have a paid membership lol

Prom is NEXT WEEK!! I dont even have a suit. =[ fail? yah pretty much lol

We might be going to California this weekend but I doubt it and If we do im going to try to stay home and FILM FILM FILM. lol I have such a drive for making videos now.

What I dont have drive for: School. I CANT STAND IT ANYMORE... I want out.

I talked to shelby. I told her that I just needed a little bit of space and that she needed to just stop pushing my buttons all the time. I told her we were going to blow up at each other and that I just didnt want to be around her and let things cool off. So now everything is cool. For now. lol

Ok. I'm going to bed. P.s. I'm not wasting any time with the whole sex thing, texting a guy now...


HMG said...

Well that sucks that he has a boyfriend already. Be sure that if you are going to be fucking around all the time to be completely safe and have condoms with you, or just make sure the both of you are completely clean.

wayner said...

Yeah, keep an eye on that guy though cos you never know when they will split up and you can swoop in to 'console' him. If you want to lose a few pounds, just watch what you are eating and get out and jog consistently. You will lose weight and most importantly improve the cardio-vascular. If you stick with it you will be amazed at how far you can run. Nothing like a 'friend with benefits' SAFELY of course. bfn - Wayne :) (school; embrace the horror! lol)

Anonymous said...

I go along with the other two posters on the SAFE sex thing. Wayner has a point - keep an eye on stuff and be there to comfort the boi if and when his current 'love' decides to leave. Guard your general health too, since that is the one variable part of us that we DO have some control over, especially at younger ages.

I appreciate the boring-ness of school, but I gotta say that high school for me was one long fuck party. I was part of two major groups in school - the jocks and the geeks. I wrestled (best way to check out hot bois in the locker room hehehe) and also ran all the A/V in school. Developed a few buddies who covered the stagecraft and stuff when I was too involved in tournaments. But overall I was so busy having fun and getting my nuts popped almost every day that I forgot to be bored.

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