on Sunday, April 11, 2010
So i'm going to pride for the first time this year. I'm really excited because I wanted to go last year but a stupid theater thing (well it was actually our production of Bye Bye Birdie) was in the way. Talk about gayness right? Anyways. I brought it up with my mom and she got disgusted. Yup. All the progress I thought we had gotten was instantaneously demolished by the look on her way and the "eww. are you serious?" that came out of her mouth.

Thanks mom. Love you to.

Anyways. I saw Date Night. It was sooo funny. Defiantly recommend you go see the movie. I'm going to prom with lesbian. Prom is next week. Pride the week after. Oh. I didnt do a "take home quiz" that is due tomorrow. Guess who is setting their alarm an hour early?? Umm. Oh yah and I watched the streamys. Wow.... lol

I'm going to film a music video this week. It's going to be legit. I'm really excited for it. I always strive for the best and I try my hardest to make everything seem legit and professional. As a judge of my short filmed said it: "Looks expensive!" haha The truth is I dont have an lighting, green screens, or film degree. Just a good quality camera, motivation, determination, and inspiration. =p

Now im going to bed. If anyone of you wants to donate to the cause of me getting lighting... IM JUST KIDDING!! haha. Just leave a comment telling me how YOUR day was =p It's nice to hear from you guys.


Anonymous said...

Your mom is probably like mine was years ago; she couldn't understand why I wanted to be around those people or why I felt a connection to other gay folks. It was truly alien to her, as it is to your mom.

I really hope things improve.

Hang in there!

wayner said...

Yeah, your mother still doesn't completely 'get it'. As one of many homosexuals forced into the closet in the 60's, 70's and80's, I had lots of heterosexual friends but gradually lost them all as they got married and had kids. As a single guy you become an 'intrusion' into your friend's family life. Point is, your homosexual friends becomes your family as the years go by, and this should be cultivated. I'm glad homosexuals can be more open today and don't have to wander around like a ghost in a wasteland; eg gay guy and a lesbian going to the prom!
-You seem to have some talent for theater, video, movies etc ; wonder if you can make a career out of it?
-Me, I'm enjoying my retirement, doing a lot of freeride biking, motorcyling, and doing whatever I feel like. (its called freedom! lol) And I'm having fun commenting on some of the young gay blogs out there; these soap operas blow away anything on tv lol. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that you didn't abduct my mom?? Hmmm... Sounds like something she would say!! Problem for her, tho, is that I stopped caring about her feelings on sexuality, many years ago...

If she keeps at it, John, you're going to have to learn to discount it, and move foward... life goes on, with or without us!! luv, tman<3

Anonymous said...

Hey John, been away for a few days - came back to see her mom still hassling you with HER predjudices and malformed opinions.

TMAN has it right, discount it as coming from a flawed source and move forward. She'll love you as her offspring but will always inject her bullshit into your life. Once you are moved out of the house and contact is less frequent, you will have the upper hand in the matter. Just by refusing to call as often and even breaking off contact for a while, then telling her why you are out of touch (because of her insulting remarks about your sexual identity) will cure the matter. That, almost always makes parents reconsider their verbal position towards their kids.

Your mom will never change her thinking - but you can force a change in her output of words: she will have to learn to keep her comments between her and your dad or lose some of her connection to you. Besides, it does sound as though she is way too controlling already......never a good thing with which to begin your adulthood.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, my day the last couple of them - had better ones. Hospitals and surgery are not my prefs as a patient, but ya do what needs to be done to stay alive.

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