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on Sunday, April 4, 2010
I can't decide on a major. I'm most likely going to major in business but I can't decide. I'm thinking about either communications, film, technical theater, or business. I would love studying film. It would be the funniest 4 years of my life. The problem with that is after those 4 years there isn't much you can do with a film degree. So that is why im on the border. Now, I know you all are going to comment telling me that I should do what I love and follow my dreams but if you look at the facts it's a lot harder to make it with film degree then a business degree.

So where do I see myself in the next 10 years. I see myself being successful. I see myself very goal driven and focused. Something that I can't see my friends doing. So here is my plan. Im going to community college for a year and raise my GPA and then transfer to an out of state college. If the economy starts to brighten up then I will be moving to LA and going to UCLA. It all depends on how everything goes. What I can tell you is that college is going to be where I shine. I am going to put so much into this. This is not something to be overlooked. College is an opportunity that not everyone has.

High school was a joke. I fooled around freshman year and didn't take classes seriously. I really didnt put any time and effort into school. I wasn't looking at the future and sadly my parent's didnt really push me into seeing it as much as they thought they were. So now im sitting here with a 2.9 GPA going to community college. You would think that would make me feel like a failure. I'm not. I know that I have more drive then 95% of the people I will be siting in those classes with. I know that after a year I will have that all A's in all my classes and I will be transferring to a school that I can learn and excel at. So there. That's my story.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Anonymous said...

You talk about being driven. So what are you driven FOR? To make money? Then business. To create? Then film. Your driven-ness will lead you to success either way.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is on point, John. Whatever it is that you end up doing, if you are truly driven then you will be successful. Are you still looking at the 'distant' school or community college closer to home?

Sam said...

Congratulations for having this mindset. I am so proud of you and am dead sure that you will shine, indeed! Keep it up!

Best of Luck!

wayner said...

I was kind of wondering what your plan was after high school. Good idea to take a year to raise your gpa. and it will give you more time to consider your career. And you are right to think about where the jobs will be in a few years. Business strikes me as boring, but that's me, it might be great for you. The health care system has a huge variety of secure jobs available, especially with all us baby boomers retiring who took too many drugs back in the old days! lol. Maybe you shouldn't dismiss those other areas that you like so much. Wtf, think about it for another year. But if you don't get some sexual satisfaction on a regular basis, you won't be able to concentrate on your studies! - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

(with tongue firmly in cheek)It's too bad that some university hasn't yet offered a course in adult filmaking for gay men. Imagine a BA Honors degree in boy-on-boy porn.

I'd sign up real quick! The only difficulties would be in deciding whose turn it was in front of the camera

cvn70 said...


I started out as an engineer and work with htat for awhile and went into law. What u think looks good today u may lose intrest in the future but if u do well in something then follow your drerams is all i will say

take care and be safe


Anonymous said...

Hey Guy!! Don't knock Community College. I went to one and saved a bundle of money. The education was great, it was close by, and I did very well in that environment. In later life, no one cared what college I graduated from, as long as I had a four year degree. It may matter if you went to Harvard Law or not, but I went into the engineering field too, and they couldn't care less where my sheepskin came from.

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