Major Part 2 & Boyfriend & Prom.

on Tuesday, April 6, 2010
I guess I didn't really get the message to you guys. So let's try once more lol

Im going to community college because my grades are not the 3.5 that I need to get into UCLA. So after a year of working my ass off (p.s. I'm going to continue to work my ass off after that year as well) I'm going to move on over to UCLA. I'm going to major in business because I want to go as far as I can go in life. That's where I was going with the whole motivated thing. I know I can make it at anything I want if I am motivated and I have the drive but the whole thing is if I do go into technical theater (sound), I won't be going as far as I would have, financially, then I would have with business.

I want to cuddle and hug him. I don't know if I like him just yet. It's confusing. I don't have that same intense feeling that I had with Jake where you can't stop smiling and all I do is think of him. Then I see him and I do want to just hug him and cuddle and kiss. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know if to peruse him as a friend and then see what happens or just let things be and play out. He is also a tad immature. Not in a way where I think im so much more mature. In a way where he gets a little annoying sometimes.

Pride is this month. So is prom. Im going with lesbian to prom. I'm not that excited for prom. For the sole reason of I DONT HAVE A BOYFRIEND TO GO WITH SO IT REALLY DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING. lol.

OMFG! Funniest story ever! Hopefully I remember to tell you all tomorrow. Remind me if I forget in the comments for tomorrow's post. Are you guys liking that I'm posting regularly again? I like it. =p Talk to you guys tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Okay, it's clearer now John. About the potential b/f and maturity - he may not be as quick as you expect to demonstrate the same outlook as you. Remember, you are focused on semi pro stuff already (theatre tech) and you probably have a more developed world view than he might. So if the two of you click together, show him by example how to mature and grow.

Hint - been partnered with the same fantastic person for over 26 years (OMG old fart what I am!).......and we both "grew" each other in different ways.

So yeah, I am enjoying seeing more regular posting from you. Was a little concerned that you were bummed out with all the negative stuff happening.

wayner said...

You want to hug, cuddle and kiss him and that's not an intense feeling? lol Sometimes a little immaturity can also be fun. Lets see, two homosexuals going to the prom and looking very hetero; can you say ironic? At least you're 'making the scene' as we used to say in my day. Glad to see things are more upbeat for you and that you are making some logical plans for the future. bfn - Wayne:)

Sam said...


Remember to tell us the funny story!

Anonymous said...

Wayner has a good point, John. Hugging, cuddling and kissing a guy should be used to send a clear message of love and appreciation, and not just at a casual level. If both of you like to make out, and it leads to a longing for each other, then I would say it's definitely past the casual stage. Just be sure it's an attraction for each other, not just a longing to be comforted. A big stuffed bear (the toy kind) can serve as a huggy thing if you need to pour out affection but are not ready to go further.

Trouble is, too many guys treat life and sex as a game. It becomes a ritual of "You're cute, let's fuck" without any thought to the emotional baggage that attaches during intimacy. There's a good reason why guy-2-guy sex should be reserved for serious relationships........otherwise your hand can relieve your own basic biological itch.

cvn70 said...


hey i do hope u enjoy prom it can be a good time. And i wish i had a bf too

hope all is well

take care and be safe


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