It's Been A While...

on Thursday, April 22, 2010
Wow. So here is an update:

Monday: I stayed home sick.
Tuesday: Stayed half day at home and went to school. Then HAD to work sound for a show.
Wednesday: Got a $20 gift card to target which I'm going to use to buy props for a music video. Then did nothing.
Thursday: Is today.

Now to the important stuff.

My mom is being a pain in the ass. Wait. Let me backtrack. My parents and I had this HUGE talk about all this stuff. Like how im being irresponsible and how im not respecting them. All this bullshit basically. My mom searched my car and found weed. Now I had no recollection of this weed being in my car. Turns out that this was from over a year ago from the FIRST time I had ever smoked and I had forgotten about it. Anyway, I promised to be a better son and then thats where that ended. At least with my dad...

My mom is still being a bitch. Listen. I LOVE my mom but sometimes she pushes the limits. Examples? She called my school twice to make sure I had turned in my absence notes. Called my councilor to make sure I'm turning in my absent work. Oh and she "reminded" me at least 6 times that I have to do all of those things. WTF?!?! Really? Get off my ass women. You are pushing my limits and im so fucking sick of it.

Prom is this weekend. I dont want to go. Im not going to the party's after and Im not going to have fun. Seriously we are eating at some shit restaurant because 2 of the 8 people dont have money. (READ: IN N OUT WAS AN OPTION!). Then we are heading to the dance for like 20min cause no one really cares about the dance and it always sucks. Then we are going to "hang out" because the party we were going to was at a hotel, costs 50$ to get into to (to pay for room plus drinks) and then I would half to drive 30min, drunk, at 3 in the morning, to get home. Im being negative about this but you know what. I really rather just save my money and NOT go. The only problem is that my date REALLY want to have that prom picture so her parents can put it next to her brothers.

Also. Im stressed out. To much to deal with right now. When I stress out I usually tend to just procrastinate more and more and then I get more stressed. Yah. Im doing it now. =[


Sam said...

Heya! I am sorry man! Hope u feel better...
I think u shud try n go to prom coz I mean it's this time only that it happens.. even if u know in advance that it wont be that fun.. i dunno.
Take care

sefi g. said...

procrastinating is sooo one of the things i'm good at! live life at the moment. enjoy! haha!

Anonymous said...

Now's the time to lay low with your Mom and not push buttons. Ya, I know that mothers can bitch your head off, but for the moment, just take it and go on. Re the prom stuff John, well maybe put in the briefest appearance to please your 'date', and then play gone with the wind.

wayner said...

Hi John. Your parents are being a pain in the ass because they care so much about you. Although a bit of weed is not that big a deal, they do worry about it leading to other things. (when I was a teen, my brother wore my jacket and left it in the living room; my mother found an ounce in my pocket and did I ever get shit!)
-Your primary responsibility is getting through school but your mother seems a little over-protective; better play along until you get off the radar again.
-You might be blowing the prom thing all out of proportion in your mind; embrace the horror and have a good time; you might meet a gay guy at the after party; either don't drink or arrange a sober pick-up.
-Try exercising when you get stressed; this also helps you to think things out. I hate to see you get stressed; young gay guys should be having some fun too. bfn - Wayne (hugs)

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