on Friday, April 9, 2010
I have a new theory on life. One that brings me happiness and takes out all the negative aspects in my life. I have realized that I need to cut the negative out and make more room for positive. How and what am I talking about? Let me explain:

In life many people go threw cycles. We meet and interact. These interactions lead to friendships, which lead to good and bad times. We look for fun and memories when we dream about our past. What we did and the mountain's we climbed. The fun always sticks out in our mind and the bad stays in the back by the pain and heartache. What we do as people is, at times, deal with the bad, in various ways, to get to the good. People use many methods to make do with the bad. It goes from an argument and fist fight to high school "drama."

What people don't comprehend is that if we take the negative out, the bad times, and stick with the positive, the good times, we will still reach the finish line.

So with that thought I started my art project. Cutting and pasting the negatives and creating a heart filled with positivity. It worked. It worked WELL. For the first time ever I feel happy for no reason other then being alive. I have that new found love for life. I feel like a dog with my head out the window and his tongue hanging out. Little things in life excite me. I no longer search for activities that will excite me because I am naturally excited. It's like im reborn all of a sudden.

Love is as pure as you make it. The word is strong for a reason.

One more thought. What made me have this epiphany? Shelby. I realized that the fun times were not outweighing the negative ones with her. She was one of those people I used the scissors and glue for. She thinks we are fighting but what she can't comprehend is that I don't believe in fighting any more. If I need to fight someone to make fun times later on its not something I need to be happy. So we are not friends anymore. She really does bring out the negative in me. Today, like I said, I was happy for no reason whatsoever other then being positive. Then in my LAST period at school shelby just took me out with the negative energy. Thats when I just left the room. It's going to take a while to completely take out all the negative pieces but I'm working on it.

So thats Johnism. =p love you all!


cvn70 said...


I hope this works out for u, i try not to hate anything as hate takes up a lot of energy i could put elsewhere

take care and be safe


wayner said...

Well said John. What's the old saying; misery loves company. Some people are not happy unless they are sucking the joy out of someone elses life. My brother is hetero and has always been successful with women; he always has a smile, a laugh, and exudes charm, he makes other people feel good. Sometimes negative shit is forced on you but that is life and you must deal with it rationally and logically so the good times can bloom again. Every day above ground is good, so suck up the beauty and joy of life that is a smorgasbord all around you. I think you need a gay boyfriend lol. bfn - Wayne :)

Austin said...

Life isn't a zero-sum game: we should start at a point of "contentedness" and constantly push up, not require "good times" to outweigh "bad times".

I think the idea of cutting *everything* bad in life out isn't necessarily realistic, but making the conscious effort to be willing to accept them and move on without shifting yourself under the "zero point" of contentedness is definitely a good thing.

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