The Trip. (and the Boy.)

on Thursday, April 1, 2010
Did I talk about this trip? I don't think so. If I have here let me go more in detail.

Me and three of my closest friends are going on a little trip this summer. So where are we going?? Well I'll tell you if you promise to not track me down and try to rape me (its not rape if you yell surprise!). Bad joke? Yah. Anyways... We are heading down to a place called: Six Flags Magic Mountain. AKA one of the places in this world I enjoy most. Thats one day. Then we have another day where we will be playing tourist around LA. We are going to be in LA for a total of 3 days. Well its two days plus two driving days because I dont want to drive during the night time. So here is the trip on order:

DAY 1: Drive from vegas to LA. Party at night and enjoy the company of some of my old friends. (I lived there until 4th grade and still have a bunch of friends down there)

DAY 2: Six Flags. Enough said.

DAY 3: Play tourist. =p

DAY 4: Breakfast at my favorite little cafe and then driving home.

So thats exciting!!

IF YOU ARE MY FRIEND STOP READING HERE AND TEXT ME SO I CAN TELL YOU PERSONALLY. K THANKS! =p So here we go. I'm going to tell you about this guy. It's complicated. I don't know if I like him yet. I'm still a little confused about the whole thing. Anyway remember how I was talking about my friend thats a lesbian having a younger gay brother that was 16. Yah. So we got to talking and he seems like a cool kid. Still a tad immature at time but at other times I can sit and talk with him and have the most amazing conversations. Which is a huge plus. He is cute in his own way. He really isn't the type I go for. He is tall with curly brown hair and his style needs a little work lol. Wow I made him sound really ugly. He really isnt though. He is also looking for a serious thing and thats something we relate on. I don't think he likes me though. If he does he definitely isn't showing any signs whatsoever. He always brings up this one guy he "really liked because" of this and that reason. Also its "wrong" because it my best friends little brother and she has made it evident that she doesn't want anything to happen there. Plus I also have a bad history with him. Remember the whole outing him thing. Yah... same guy. He posted a thing of facebook today: "think about someone..." so maybe? We hung out tuesday night and we talked about guys and shit. One of my friends was there (the one that knows about the blog) so I didnt flirt or anything just for the fact that I didn't want to look stupid. I have seen the guys this kid dates. They are hot. Me... well im self conscious so lets not talk about me. lol My friends try to convince me im "really hot" but there goes little old me thinking im fat and ugly. lol So idk. I also dont really think im his type. So whatever. We will see where this goes. The big thing here is not looking like an idiot. I really dont want to hear: "Um... your my sister's best friend. Im sorry but i dont like you like that." Especially after the whole thing with Jake.

Well. That makes up for about a week or so of missed blogs right? Well I hope so. I'll talk to you all asasp! Love you all!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice trip. I dont text. But I am curious. Lil bro might come around and be okay to converse and hang around with. Sometimes first impressions arent the best.

Joseph said...

OH No! That's quite the dilemma. If you hear some truth here it is.....don't touch that. If he dosn't seem intrested then don't make a single move. If he is intrested then let him make the first move. That way if notting dose happen then you will save face.

I hope my comment didn't come off as nasty or anything :-)

wayner said...

Sounds like a great trip; don't spoil it by getting too whacked out partying. And the young guy; just keep doing like you're doing and see where it goes. And why should your lesbian friend be displeased if you two really hit it off? If you guys enjoy each other's company and conversation, that is a very good start. bfn - Wayne :)

Austin said...

Ah, L.A. - the land of fruits and nuts. I can actually see the tower at Magic Mountain from my window here at the office.

You've lived here, so I'll avoid giving advice on tourist spots.

wayner said...

Yeah, Blogger was messed up for a while this afternoon; the comments wouldn't go on any blog; that's why its on there 3 times! Sorry. - Wayne (forget the email!)

Anonymous said...

John, you said - "Well I'll tell you if you promise to not track me down and try to rape me (its not rape if you yell surprise!)"

Well, you can't rape the willing.

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