Back from the mini vacation.

on Friday, July 23, 2010

Got back from eilat yesterday.(thats a picture from our view on the balcony!) So now back to the other kind of vacation that is living at my aunts haha. So what did we do there? Well:

We ate a lot of food. We rented a "speed boat" that ended up only going about 20 mph and took it for an hour in the ocean. I went out and ate some more. I laid out by the pool some more. Then some more of hanging out by the beach. I went to the mall and hung out there for a bit. Then came back and ate some more. OMG. There were some gorgeous guys there. All a little younger then me (maybe 16 or 17) and... straight. haha I can't make a move anyway when im around all of my family. My mom ended up getting internet on my laptop because her shitty PC didn't end up working. So I had internet but my mom was working on it most of the time so I didn't get to blog much.

The drive back was hell. We were stuck in traffic for like 2 hours straight and that saved me from having to go to some weeding that one of my dad's uncle's sons was having that night. Yah... I really didn't want to go. My dad and mom ended up going for 30min saying hi, eating, then saying bye.

Today I spent most of the day at my grandparents apartment. My amazing aunt was there and we sat and had good conversations together. I miss her so much. There was this AMAZING summer that I stayed at her house in LA 4 years ago. Sooo much fun. I'll have to write that story and post it some time.

My cousin that I went out with said that her friends told her they would take me out one night and to add them on facebook and make plans. I think I'll do that tomorrow. Maybe go to a gay club in Tel Aviv if they are up for it. The only thing is that they run CRAZY selection at the doors. 10 times worse then Las Vegas is. So we will see...

I have been thinking about my future and what I want to do with my life. Business seems like the right direction. Idk we will see how it goes. One year in a shitty community college and then im getting the fuck out of there and on to the rest of my life.

Well it's getting late. I'm going to bed! Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful photo. Thanks for posting it. I'm glad you've been having fun there.

Anonymous said...

20 mph?? Wow!! You guys must be tired from all the paddling!! lol Hey John, how do you know the guys in the mall were all str8, by the way?? There are some very str8 acting/appearing guys (like me) that are really gay, just so you know... I think, maybe, that's why, for many years, lots of people thought they were dealing with 3% of the population, whenever they talked about gay people... Little did they know, they were sitting next to one the whole time!!
Oh, one other thing ( a question, really- what do you mean by 'selection' at the night club door?? Do you mean where they pick the 'guests' that THEY want?? OMG... if that's it, it would be a cold day in hell, before I patronized a place like that... Just out of principle!! A gay club discriminating?? Good God...What a crazy world! luv, tman<3

wayner said...

You sound much more relaxed now; that is what a vacation is for! I hope you get into the gay club; that would be an interesting post. I'm getting hungry reading about all the good eating you are doing. bfn - Wayne :) (you might meet a nice guy in that community college!)

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