Soo what have I been up to?

on Friday, July 16, 2010

Well... (there's a picture of me at the beach =p)

My dad and my younger brother got into town about a week or so ago and ever since then its been going better. My dad got here and was like "lets go to the beach." So we all went to the beach. I've been sitting on the beach and drinking beer's like they are water lol I feel like it makes me look more manly.

We went on like a tourist day and went to the Tank IDF museum type place. It was pretty cool. Then we went to "mini israel" and that was ok. We got to like see israel in mini form. haha

We also went to this place where it was a street full of handmade stuff that people made. I got a wallet there. It was pretty cool.

Then we went to the beach some more. Oh and the mall. We always go to the mall. I dont really care much for shopping right now lol I'm still in this "i dont like the way i look so i dont want to buy myself nice things to wear" stage lol gym is needed.

Also exciting news! We booked out hotel for New York!! Super excited. We are heading there at the end of the month and staying for 4 nights. IM SO EXCITED!! I'm hopping to go get my white iPhone 4 while im there.

This post is super short. I just kinda had to catch you guys up and all the details didn't really matter haha.

I haven't seen any cute gay guys. Maybe one or 2 hot guys. One of them was american though. I need to get laid. Like in vegas if I want to just have sex with someone I can. Here its like im super horny and all I can do is jack off. Plus I can't get way from my family. It's like I have no privacy. So jacking off is hard to do anyway lol Is it me or is there not that much stuff to jack off to lately? If you have some good links and want to send them my way i'll let you know how i "feel" about them lol I had this dream last night where I hooked up with this random straight guy in a bathroom. I sucked his dick and he was going crazy at how good it felt. To bad it was only a dream... haha

Anyways... im off to google but not to play. Not enough privacy to play right now.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are having a good time now.

Anonymous said...

hey kid... 'mini' Israel?? What is that?? Thanks for the pic, altho, I wish I could see your eyes!! lol That's important to me... Anyways, thank God for pop, huh?? Now, all you have to do, is find a little corner in a basement, or a private shower, or a phone booth, well, I completely understand, but, the next time you get off, it should be SPECTACULAR!! lol have fun, lose the glasses!! luv, tman<3

wayner said...

Yeah you can have fun with the family but you will have to put sex on the back burner. Lay off the beers, and exercise so you can get ready for new clothes lol. (I like that blue t-shirt) Be careful with the calorie intake cos it is hard to take weight off. You look so relaxed! That's because you are away from those screwy women. You might run into a gay guy yet though! bfn - Wayne :) (nice dream)

Anonymous said...

Cool pic. I love the Ray Ban Wayfrayers. I have the sunglasses & I want to get the eyes glasses. I live in NYC. When you stop by wear them. They're very New York.

Oliver said...

Wait to buy an iPhone 4 until the new one comes out and they fix the antenna!

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