Ummm. No.

on Thursday, July 8, 2010
Seriosly? I'm a very fun an inejectic person that just happens to be having a though time RIGHT NOW in life. I lost my best fiends, an uncle, and I'm living with people that aredealing with hard times. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm bitching. Maybe I am but come on. Life isn't all shits and giggles. Some times shit happens and my life isn't all fun and games and sometimes I need to vent about it to people that are not my family.

So thanks for being ok with it. I'm sorry if I'm offending anyone.

P.s. I'm extremely busy. I'm going out with my family all day every day. I don't really have much of a choice. So I'm not sitting home bitching on twitter.

P.s.s. Say the cutesy guy three times in Israel so far. Super
Straight. Goes to my cousins school. Fucking hot. American. But like I said. He is straight. He was at the party I went to actually. Lol

alright it's 10pm her so goodnight. Lol tomorrow I get to see my dad and brother. I'm leaving for Vegas in 4 days though. I might extend my flight. Idk. We will see what heppens.


Anonymous said...

Seriously dude, the losers you called your best friends, werent. They sounded like losers and totally fucked up immature kids, trying to take you with them. So no loss really. Try finding a couple of guys to hang with, str8 or gay who fuckin cares, just get some guys to be friends with to get a male idea of life, instead of getting screwed over by gurls who have nothing for you. Yah, you are bitchin allright. I met lots of gay dudes when I traveled to Israel 2 years ago on a work assignment. Jerusalem is full of hot men and so are Tel Aviv and Haifa. I'm 31 and got myself out of addictions to drugs, lost family and my parents dont wanna know me. So dont sing too loud about hard times, you havent had real bad shit yet from the way you write about life in Vegas. I didnt have my own car until I worked my ass off and bought a used one. Its reallyh cool that your dad bought you a car, but you dont know about the real life that most guys have to life. You dont really have any serious probs other than not getting some mansex. Maybe grow a set and bring it on without singin it too much.

I came across your blog linked from some other stuff and read the last 10 posts you made. Maybe you dont wanna hear what Im sayin, so I'll just STFU.

John Doe said...

Listen to yourself. Your judging me on 10 post that happen to be a bad parr of my life. Yah I have been down this past few months but I've had some amazing posts where I have been happy and I've been talking about good things. I'm not in a place where I'm able to go out and have fun right now. I'm basically helping my aunt live a normal life. She lost her fucking husband to cancer and now has to raise a 4 and 11 year old all by herself. This is my life right now. If you don't like it then go read another blog.

I'm so

John Doe said...

And who the hell are u telling me to grow a pair. How about you go take your shitty attitude and go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Maybe I shouldn't step in the middle of this.... So, wtf am I doing?? OK, listen, John...hate me, love me, I don't comment here to be popular, OR to offend you!! In fact, if I didn't care, I wouldn't tell you the truth...Life is full of ups and downs--- noone escapes, at least, noone I've met!! My advice to you is based on my experience with the types of situations that I have lived through and, my friends have lived through... I'm not a teenager, with minimal life experiences...sometimes, I wish I was!! Nahh!!
You may not understand why I said what I did, but, here it goes--- I'm trying to get you to kick yourself into gear, because IMHO, that's the best way for you to find happiness... I have read your blog for a while, and my overall feeling is that it's time for you to move on... clean slate- leave the old friends behind in your dust... physically, but, more importantly, MENTALLY... At this point in your life, you have a perfect opportunity... it's transition time, anyways- time to move on to college, etc...
I know you're having a bad time... I've been there... the circumstances don't help, but, if you don't look harder for some happiness, you'll just prolong the misery... I said I agreed with anonymous... Not so much, anymore... I don't think it's cool to insult people to get a point across, or, to be crude with a comment... That, doesn't help anyone.
Anyways, let's put it this way, John... If you lived here... let's say you were my nephew... I'd give you a big hug and listen to you vent for a while... then, I'd tell you what I thought would help you- whether it hurt for a bit or not... Sometimes, we need to hear things that are hard to stomach, but, a friend doesn't fudge the truth... I hope you still think that I'm looking out for you... Oh, and str8 boys are fun, too!! lol luv, tman<3

Anonymous said...

hey dude, YOU agreed to go to Israel and you already knew what was going on with your family there. you wrote about losing your uncle. so stop whining about how shitty that is, you wanted the trip to get away from vegas so live with your choices. my addictions counselor called that being accountable and responsible. stuff you need to learn about, at least according to what you write. that's the face we see so dont whine if thats not the real U

U really dont want any truth, just a lot of company sucking yer thumb and jackin off wishin that someone would drop into your life. good luck with that.

okay, I am SO out of here. have a nice life maybe.

wayner said...

People seem to underestimate how difficult it is to lose your friends. Losing friends is like a death in the family, bringing on a mourning feeling that takes a lot of time to get over. I think that is what is bothering you the most, but after you get back to Vegas you can spend the rest of the summer and the fall finding some real friends and relax too. In a way that is kind of exciting; the opportunity to find some refreshingly new friends. bfn - Wayne :)

Gilbert said...

Hi John, I've been observing your blog for a while, almost since it first went up and active. This seems like the beginning of some flame activity and I wanted to offer a comment - although I almost never comment anywhere, just read.

Even though Anonymous was kind of rude and curt, he has a point. You are very lucky and fortunate to have parents with the ability to give you stuff. You probably earned it, in your own fashion, but from some of your posts it seems as though you aren't grateful. That would rub someone like Anon the wrong way, being that he is an ex-addict, probably had to struggle to clean up his act and deal with an unforgiving family. To him, you have it way too easily; although it certainly may not be that way from inside your life.

Also John, you do come across sometimes, as a drama queen. Not meaning to diss you here, but to tell you how it sounds and feels when reading your stuff. The fact that most of your friends are (or were) females is probably a contributor to the way you behave socially; and the other commentators are right in suggesting you develop male friends - either for sex or for plain companionship between guys or both, however it works for you.

As for the poor vacation experience in Israel, you knew that your aunt was in mourning and has 2 young children to cope with. I can't imagine how horrible it must be to lose her husband, but it would be hypocritical for you to complain about their behaviour since you were aware of that before your plane landed. Maybe it's time to step back and think hard about relationships that are valid ones, that deliver a two-way commitment even if it's only to be friends and sex is not in the picture. At least you got away from LV for a while, and that seems to have been an important thing.

Without using objectionable terms, I would echo some of what Anon said regarding how you present yourself here in your blog. That is all that we can see of you, so our comments can only reflect what we think of those observations.

Best of luck with finding a nice boy to hang with and maybe enjoy some benefits too. Gil

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