Wow almost a week.

on Thursday, July 15, 2010
Yikes. I have been gone a while lol. I just wanted to make a quick update. Ever since my dad has gotten here we have been having a blast. Its like a complete change in energy around here. I wish I could write about all the stuff in this post but I have about 20 mins to get ready to leave the house for the day and Im still sitting in my PJ's lol

I decided that instead of flying alone I would extend my trip and be with the family. (instead of flying home yesterday I'm staying until the 29th). That also means that I'll be going on a family trip to New York =p Im super excited for that also. I'm thinking about seeing American Idiot on broadway. I was thinking about seeing In The Heights but American Idiot seems more my type. It sounds like a type of musical that rent was but with music from Green Day (which its to bad they only took the songs off that one album. There older stuff is amazing!)

Well anyway. I have been enjoying myself and drinking way to many beers. lol We are taking a trip down to ellat which is the southern part of Israel and can be compared to like the Miami of Israel. We are leaving for that on Sunday. (don't forget Israel is a day a head of America. ex: Monday here is Sunday in America).

Well I have to go jump in the shower. bye =p


Anonymous said...

well, kid, you sound like a different person for sure!! I guess your dad arriving has made a huge difference... There may be a lesson there, no?? You mentioned the energy change. That is what a guy can do, when he takes charge... It's not easy, sometimes, but, it's sure worth the effort.

How did your dad change the atmosphere so quickly?? Watch him, learn from him... And, enjoy the rest of your trip, now!! luv, tman<3

wayner said...

Well that's more like it; have a great time! A great vacation to get away from it all and you still have a month left before you are back to school. It's a hot summer here in Eastern Canada and I biked to the beach today. Life is beautiful. bfn - Wayne :)

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