Music Is My Boyfriend.

on Tuesday, July 6, 2010
[title is from a song. any guesses?]So i just uploaded the blog post from two days ago right now and im waiting for my aunt to pick me up now.

Even thought I am blogging every other day at least its hard for me to upload them in my own privacy. Yesterday was ok. We went out and got lunch at the restaurant right on top of the beach. I love sitting on the back. Its amazing. Pure realization. My cousin im liking with and another cousin of mine that recently moved to israel also joined us. I got to see my aunt and uncle that lived with us in vegas and then moved here around 3 or 4 years ago. Anyway… that was yesterday.

(i left with my aunt by the way and i just got back home.)

I couldn't sleep last night. There is the most annoying ringing in my room EVER. It goes in an out in different random intervals that are all different random lengths. I even tried sleeping with my iPod in but that didn't work. So what did I do? I slept during the day. When I was SO tired it couldn't bother me. Except now im super awake and everyone is tired because they spend the day at the pool. Woo.

So yah. I just got back from BBB (thats burger burger bar). I didn't eat a burger because I had one last night. BEST BURGER EVER by the way. The fries and the caesar salad were both amazing as well. The place was called Wolfnight. AMAZING. So today I just had chicken and fries. Pretty boring. Now im back home and doing nothing. Everyone is doing nothing as well. (nothing as in they are showing or playing games on the iphone and stuff).

So yah. As much as I want to go out there is no where to go or anyone to go with. Fun…

Ok. well im going to sulk in the humidity. Also who has a twitter?!? I need to start following you guys because right now I only know of like 3 of you that tweet haha.

my twitter is: whats yours?!?!


HMG said...

Oh I know it! I know it! Umm I think it is "Music is my Hot Hot Sex!" by umm CSS, okay time to check lol! YAY I am right!!! hahaha!
And I hope things cheer up a bit with you an d your family and you get to have fun (and go to a gay bar)!

Anonymous said...

Like I said before... I'm not a bird, I don't tweet... Yeah, not very original- it's WAY too hot to be original... I'm heading off to work- gotta get up on a roof before the temperature spikes up to 100... Yup!! Real fun!! If I can get through the work really fast, I won't burn my hands as the roof temperature approaches 170 degrees... Not looking foward to this...
Do your best, kid!! Try to get out and about- you'll pass the time better!! Oh, and the burgers sound sensational!! luv, tman<3hugs2!

wayner said...

Yah relax and enjoy the boredom! The idea is to get away from the drama and reset. Sounds like you are eating well; you're making me hungry! 'Fraid I don't do Twitter cos I am trying to keep screen time under control. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

Been reading some of ur stuff and the comments. I dont wanna be a mean dude, but you really sound like a drama queen, bitchin about so many little things. Maybe you need to get a serious bf to fuck the crap outa you and help you settle down. Honest opinion just readin ur last coupla posts. Like especially about gettin outed on some site - dont give the info out unless you are expectin to be named. If u hang out with freaky gurls, expect that their gonna mess with u

Anonymous said...

You know, kid... I just read 'Anon's' comment, and, it got me laughing... Thing is, he's right!! Get off your ass, and get out of the house, if you're sad!! You gotta help yourself a little!! The reason you're still pining about a non- existent boyfriend is because that's all that you do!! A little hard truth- sitting in a house and tweeting, while the world goes by, ain't gonna hack it!! You need to be in the mix!! Are you trying to tell me that there aren't any gay kids in Israel?? How about str8 kids?? Either way- they aren't going to fall out of the sky, and into your lap, while you agonize over your plight!! The reason I left the comment that I did, yesterday, was to put things into perspective- By the way, I worked like a racehorse, to try to beat the sun, it was SO damned HOT!! That didn't stop me, tho!! I did what I set out to do!! There is a certain satisfaction to that!! Sitting around, and 'bitchin' about things, as 'anonymous' said, does NOTHING for your confidence or your sense of well- being!! Do something!! Take your cousin, and go somewhere!! Go out by yourself, if necessary!! Whatever!! Kick yourself in the ass a little!! luv, tman<3

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