So last night was awesome.

on Friday, July 2, 2010
Agh! I had to much fun last night. First off I got a haircut and then I ate dinner. That was really it before the night part.

My cousin who moved here to go to college invited me to a party last night. It was so much fun. I got to meet all these really cool people and for the first time ever I got to legally drink lol Yes! haha not much to it other then the fact that the party wasn't being broken up this time.

I had myself a few shots and a few mixed drinks. I knew my cousin and a friend that she also invited that was visiting. Other then that I met people there. After the party we all went out to this club called Central Park. It was really nice. It was outdoors so it was super hot and sweaty.

Well. I HAVE to go so bye. I'll write more about this latter!


Anonymous said...

sweaty means lesss clothes yum lol

wayner said...

Nothing like a few drinks and a party while on vacation! Although I always thought drinking was more fun when it was forbidden lol. Have fun! bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

Hit the beach, if it's hot!!

You sound more rested, more coherent, kid!! Have fun, stay safe- you're only young once, or twice... hell, you know what I mean!! lol luv, tman<3

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