on Saturday, September 26, 2009
Idk when i will get home today so I'm going to make a short one now (in the morning) and then if I have time another short one when I get home tonight.

So I woke up super early. A bunch of us are going to eat breakfast then head down to the conference. Im driving everyone like yesterday. I forgot to tell you the guy's name. His name is Jake. I get to see him today. I'm so excited/nervous. I hope that I dont get all shy around him. I never do but idk I might. I'm also kinda scared that im going to blow it. Like not end up getting his number or not putting myself out there enough. Do you guys get what I'm saying?

Well I'm gonna go get ready. Im SUPER tired. I just got out of bed lol. Coffee is a necessity right now! So pardon my spelling/grammar mistakes lol

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