Playing Hard To Get?!?!?

on Saturday, September 26, 2009
OMG!! I think this blog is my lucky charm. I mean I could not find a cute gay guy that was my type at all before this. Then I start it and BOOM. He is there. Perfect in every way. (so far lol) i feel so happy. I cant stop smiling. Let me explain:

Well... I told you I will get to see him today. I did. At first I didnt get to talk to him. Like I saw him but I was busy or he was busy or both. Then luckily on he was at concessions when I went to get water. So I flirted with him and he did back. He was SOO cute. agh! Anyway... I told him he needed to cheer me on when i compete (i feel like im going into way to much detail). Well... let me tell you. He has game. He was flirting with me back and forth but in a very non-obvious way. Like he made it seem as if it was a normal conversation. I on the other hand, was totally obvious and pretty out there. So I asked for his number. He gave it to me. agh! =p

I didnt say bye to him which sucked but kinda worked in my benefit because i had a reason to text him. I HATE TEXTING! Well not really. But texting him i hate. I cant understand him. I made it very obvious that i was flirting. He either missed it or was playing hard to get. Idk.

Well im like in a reck. I have 100 million emotions running thre my head. Idk if he likes me. I mean i think he does. AGH! idk. lol. Well I need to go calm down.

P.s. Im always the one that can read people. Like when people are having relationship problems I can tell them exactly what to say, do, or what the other person feels and be 100% correct. With Jake I cant. Not at all. Ive turned into this mush of nothingness. Everything I know about dating and relationships is gone. Sry this was so long.


Anonymous said...

Er, SCORE! yes?!

John Doe said...

haha yes... i think.

Matt. said...

lol the reading emotions bit reminds me of twilight :P Uhm its always great when u meet a new guy who u like :) Just be careful, I know this sounds stupid/irrelevant but try not to fall for him TOO quickly... Because I happen to know that if u really like a guy and he ends up not liking u/not talking to u, you feel sooooo shit :/ But enjoy it haha:)


John Doe said...

haha thanks matt. i know. im trying to take it slow. i have a good feeling that he is into me but you never know...

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