OMG! =p I Cant stop smiling.

on Friday, September 25, 2009
First off I want to tell you guys that everything story wise is real. I might change names (including mine) but everything else will be 100% true. K:

So today we did this theater conference thing. It was on the other side of town (yes where i got my brows and hair done lol). So of course there will be gay guys. There were a ton. Last year I did the same conference and there were none! Anyway there was one guy that was SOOO my type. Perfect. I dont know if its something but it definitely could turn into something. Tomorrow is the second part of the conference so i get to see him tomorrow. I heard (threw a friend) that he thinks im "sooo hot!".

AGH! I cant stop smiling. Like you dont get it. It's amazing. I need to get some beauty rest for tomorrow. Im going to dress SOOO good. Agh.

P.s. I know i said i would post pics today but I havent been home since 7am and i JUST got home. Im super tired and had a very long day. So I promise I'll make it up to you guys!!

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Anonymous said...

Exciting or what?!

Dress up well, take a deep breath and good luck!

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