Life Is Good!!

on Monday, September 28, 2009
Sry I didnt post yesterday. Had this whole jewish holiday where I cant do anything. Literally anything. No food, drink, electricity, nothing. Except read. FOR 24 hrs! Yah... not fun but I got to miss school. Its over now so lets talk:

Life has been the best it has been in a long time. I met a cute guy that I cant stop thinking about. I am reconnecting with a bunch of friends that I rifted from a bit last year. I'm doing pretty good in school. Life is nice.

Jake is all I think about. 24/7. I talked to him a bit over text. I dont want to say a lot because that might seem like it was non stop but for the most part I spoke to him all Saturday night and a couple hours sunday before I had to be jewish. He added me on facebook. Which means he searched for me. Well... I cmnted on one of his friends wall so I guess he didnt need to search hard but it still helps to think that he wanted to find me.

Let me describe him since I cant post a picture. He is my hight, about 5' 6". Dirty blond hair. Not to long but not to short. Perfect length. Not skinny but average. He still has braces on but he has the cutest smile. And his personality (OMG!). Its perfect. He is my type 100%. We would make an amazing couple. I just hope that it end up happening haha.


Anonymous said...

he he! why not?

cvn70 said...


hey jake sounds real nice i hope things work out well for you two. Welcome to blogging

take carea nd be safe


John Doe said...

thanks for the welcome! =p

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