He Is Ignoring Me!

on Wednesday, September 30, 2009
WTF! First of all I found out that everyone and their mothers (literally) knows about Jake.

"You mean Jake?"
ME: "How the hell do you know who I'm talking about?"
"Everyone knows. Its theater."

Really know?? Thats probably why he doesn't text me back! Whatever. I dont care. Im most likely just over reacting. I texted him today... because he never texts me. He never texted back.

I'll write more tonight. I have to go know...

UPDATE: Never mind... he just texted me back. only took him 5 hours.


cvn70 said...


See he likes you you just have to calm down lol

hope things are well send me an email

take care and be safe


Anonymous said...

Bob's probably right. he usually knows what he's talking about.

John Doe said...

Haha thanks im talking your advice =p

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