CICI's and Sex. I mean Sets. ;)

on Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Opening night of the musical went AMAZING. Again if you forgot: I'm running the audio. Thats 13 broadway mics and 30 cues. Yup. Im a pro lol Im just kidding... We went to get pizza at Cici's and it was my first time there. Its was good. Not the best. I can see why its only $5 lol

So I have a headace. I super tired and have school tomorrow. Blahh... So today I skipped math again. Yah. Again. lol I tend to sleep in a lot. Senioritis? Yah. (look it up on urban dictionary!). Also im kinda frustrated. No cute guys :/ WHY ARE THERE NEVER ANY CUTE GUYS??? haha

My ex girlfriend. You know: "the mistake" as we call her. Is texting me and sending me questions on formspring. She wants me to visit her. She likes in California. She even offered to let me spend the night at her house for her birthday. Yah. Thats not going to happen. I'm kind of scared to come out to her. I mean I have done it to everyone BUT her so yah :/ Also none of my Cali friends know. I dont really talk to them anymore so yah that doesnt matter much anyway. Shit happens and you move on right??

Fun fact: total flamboyant gay kid added me on facebook. We went to elementary school together. We were best friends. Still havn't talked to him though haha Idk where he lives but we went to school together in California back in the day.

Going to a hookah bar friday with the friends. We are going with 8 of us. I just realized how many lesbians I hang out with. Like 5. One's a bestie? Idk. I guess. We are getting close but not there just yet.

Cute australian kid is coming to where i live this summer. He is really excited. Me on the other hand: not so much. Don't want his parents finding out and me being a sex offender at age 18. lol

So yah. I'm heading to bed. I have this awesome contest im doing and I really hope that you guys will like it. Especially the younger guys that read my blog. Its will an organization and they are willing to give out something special. More on that Saturday!!!



wayner said...

Sorry, but even as a young teen, I was always interested in guys from the neck down! Lean and with a bulge in the crotch. A face with character was just fine with me. It also puzzles me a bit about the under 18 thing in your state; most everywhere else in North America there are provisions in the law for consensual sex within a few years of each other. I can't imagine criminalizing two young people for making affectionate love. That is a real crime! Glad the musical thing is going great. And I told you before, as a teen, GET 9 HRS SLEEP EVERY NIGHT! lol - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

13 mics and 30 audio cues.....sounds intense for a high school presentation. But nothing like jumping into it if that is what does good things for you, John. When I was a young punk (OMG so long ago) I toured with bands and shows and can relate to your angst at doing it properly without missing a cue or a beat.

Old peeps in Cali still don't know about your stuff? Well, maybe you wanna think about gradually letting one or two know. Ya never can tell when you might be back there, and rather than have a major shock incident if they find out UNintentionally, (no fun being defensive, etc.) you should consider ways to share your present life with them.

Aussie kids are way less inhibited than we are in N. America. They make great friends and sometimes boyfriends too! I agree totally with Wayner - it's out-fucking-rageous that wanting to share love with a like-minded partner of close age ends up being a criminal act. We are SO out of touch with life and reality in this part of the world.

Sam said...

I am glad things are going alright! :)

Shit happens, and we definitely move on!!

To want or not to want a boyfriend... that is like me too :)
Eish! I hate my moodiness... Hope u enjoy urself no matter what life brings up to u! and enjoy ur outings!!

@ Wayne:
People like us CANNOT get that much of sleeping... we're such busy students lol

Anonymous said...

Hey John, question on your local Hookah Bar - do they use tobacco in the nargiles or the honey and herbal grass mixtures of shisha?

Out here in this city in Canada, tobacco smoking was outlawed two years ago in all public buildings, restaurants and bars. So the one Hookah Bar locally offers a few herbal grass mixtures, some with honey, others with mint. It's an interesting thing, since the custom (middle eastern in origin) promotes friendship based on smoking the multiple-tube nargile (water pipe), rather than drinking alcohol.

John Doe said...

well to reply to you all first: i cant get sleep im in high school. its impossible if i tried. im sorry but an ugly unattractive body/personality turns me off. I dont really talk to the kids in cali anymore. So its not like it matters much but im considering it if i do contact them. idk what the hookah bar uses. i'll let you know though!

anastacia said...

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