John Time lol

on Sunday, March 14, 2010
Well today was time for me. I didnt to anything and it felt soooo good. Not that in the back of my head I wasn't going: "JOHN YOU HAVE SO MUCH HW AND 2 ESSAYS TO WRITE!!" I didnt do them though. Oh well. Shit happens right? In all honesty I have a couple days to do each thing but a couple assignments were due tomorrow that I will have to get lucky and find time to do during school tomorrow lol

I was THIS close to hooking up with this guy. Lets call him: frank. I was texting him and trying to come over so i could fuck him but his parents were home and then next day I realized that after I jacked off I didnt really want to hook up with anyone. I was just really horny that night lol It's whatever. Plus he isn't really my type and the last time I hung out with him he annoyed the shit out of me lol For being 18 he was still really immature and it bugged me the most. He is in a lot of ways exactly opposite of what I usually look for in a guy. Then again its just sex... I've had sex with him before. It was really... awkward and uncomfortable.

Well yah. That was last week but I didnt write about it so there it is lol. Talk to you all tomorrow?? Yup!


Sam said...

How can you forget such a thing in your last 'updates' post?? hehehe
Why on earth would you hook up with him?? Puhleaaaaze! You're destined for a better guy ;)

By the way, I am glad you found 'John' time.


Anonymous said...

John time is quality time. Re hookups....I once heard a great saying. It goes: "if you can jack off and not see much difference between that and the intended hookup partner, then sex would have been just average or worse. If you really WANT to fuck the other boy and jacking off didn't feel as good as doing with him would - then forget your hand and go for him!"

Ed said...

Hey, Just read your blog from November to now !! Wow, you write really well. I'm an old man, 40, living in Canada. But I totaly remember like it was yesterday being 18 and gay. I hope you do well with your movie. And just so you know, love will come to you one day, soon. Tomorrow is my 9 year aniversary with my husband. I love him more as each day passes and it's been the best 9 years of my life. So you too will find love soon too my friend. Sorry I don't have any blogs or gmail or anything, I just wanted to let you know that people out here are rooting for you !!thanks

wayner said...

He lets you fuck him, so that is quite the compliment, and opposites attract. I have often found immature to be less boring; hang around some 'mature' adults for a while and see if you can stifle a yawn. Of course you don't want to hook up with anyone after you jack off; duh! And 'awkward and uncomfortable'? Sounds like you both need to work on technique! lol Don't jack off, have some fun - its your day in the sun. - Wayne :O

Anonymous said...

Wayne, you wrote: "Of course you don't want to hook up with anyone after you jack off; duh!"

Perhaps I didn't express properly what I meant, which is: Even if after you jack off you STILL want to hook up with a guy, then that could be serious and you need to follow through. Of course the sex drive is temporarily sated after masturbation. My point is that even with immediate horniness cared for, if the dude still attracts you for more than just poking it into him - he's a keeper!

I agree that any boy who lets you have his body is paying you a compliment, but that could be his immediate needs being dealt with too, and not necessarily anything more.

@Ed - congrats on 9 great years from a fellow Canadian in Ottawa

wayner said...

@ cp; I think we're over-analyzing; John probably doesn't give a fuck! ROTL - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

from Wayne - "John probably doesn't give a fuck!"

Yeah, betcha he'd love to, though. Now if only they made inflatable boy dolls that could love you back...hmmmmmmmmm

John Doe said...

i give a fuck but its a small one lol I just want a hot man to fuck. The certain someone doesn't really appeal to me in that way. On the other hand. Hot guy in australia total turn on lol Sex is great and all and its fun but this guy just doesn't turn me on. He was like IN LOVE with me and i let him down like 6 times. Then fucked him and then basically never talked to him till that one time last week.

Ed thanks for reading my blog. It means more to me then you could imagine!! I'm glad you liked it. More to come for sure!!

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