Just A Bad Day.

on Thursday, March 18, 2010
The show was a disaster and it was just bad. I messed up a cue and it was weird in general. Also me and my friend got in a fight. Im drinking right now. Im not drunk but im drinking. I just needed a drink. If you care its patron with castco's version of orange flavored gatorade.

So yah. Today was just a waist of 24 hours in my opinion. I would elaborate but im lazy and I want to just get drunk and pass out and forget that I have another day of school. :/

My friend and I made up if you were wondering. I might be having a kick back/party Saturday. We will see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Shit happens in major shows as well as smaller ones :( . Move forward from there. Can't deny that alcohol can bury the feelings for a while; just don't get too wasted - you'll bounce back John.

wayner said...

As with any show all you can do is learn from the mistakes and move on. Don't take it too seriously. But for fuck's sakes, don't get drunk every time you have a setback; that is exactly how people become alcoholics! Being an alcoholic is a permanent setback. Sorry to rag on you but I am not a fan of booze because I have seen what it has done to some of my friends. Instead of drinking, go over and give that guy you were talking about a grudgefuck! Pounding his ass real good will release the stress better than getting drunk, and will make him happy too! lol - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

@wayner - too true about the destructive power of alcohol, although gudgefucking can wear thin after a few times....and spoil the true joy of engaging in hot guy2guy loving.

Of course sex and intimate play can work wonders at relieving stress, if a regular or ltr partner understands one's needs. I've always been into bdsm kink, and one of my regular sub-boyz understands the occasional need for me to spank his ass extra hard on those odd times that I am very frustrated and pissed off at stuff. Naturally I love on him even more after that and massage him gently and demo my appreciation of his help in other significant ways (pervy leer)

Sam said...

Sorry, man!
There will be better days to come.. don't worry
(If we don't screw up from time to time we wouldn't understand the meaning of success and cannot appreciate it when we do great deeds)

Kiss Kiss,

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