Spring Break.

on Wednesday, March 31, 2010
It's currently spring break. Which is basically a week that reminds you how much you really cant wait till summer starts. It's been pretty awesome but its going by way to fast. Not going to lie I needed this more then anything.

My uncle is alive still. No one know how. Every doctor says that there is no way that he can be alive. He has cancer everywhere. In every place you could imagine. It has completely robbed him of his body. So your prayers are helping and it means a lot. Please keep the prayers going as they mean the world to me and to him (even though he doesnt know you are praying for him). I appreciate it more then you will ever know. Thank you.

So. So. So. What has happened since we last talked? Umm.. Not much but a lot. I dont know how to explain it. I went to a festival thing called extreme thing and was FRONT AND CENTER at the AP Tour stage. =p My favorite band/person ever, NeverShoutNever, was playing and he pointed me out. Made by life.

I think im falling for someone. I can't though. =[ It's nothing serious. He just kind of fits all of a sudden. Falling into like, not love. I can't love anyone right now. My heart is to... taken up by life's events.

So I think i made a mistake because I told my friend about this blog and now im scared she is reading it. I was going to talk about the guy but I dont want her to know that I kind of am starting to maybe like him. Just because it would make things awkward. So I'll talk more about him soon.

So guys here something I have noticed. A lot of the blogs I follow are starting to stop posting and close. So here is the thing. If I dont post a blog at least every other day leave me an extra comment reminding me to post a blog. Deal? That way I will blog more often and if I forget I got you guys giving me that extra push =p

Again. Thanks for the prayers and I love all the support and love you guys are sending my way!! =p


Anonymous said...

Hey kid! Just stopping by to say {Hi!} and hope that you are finding some time for yourself during the break... On the friend front- why do you guys mention your blogs to friends if you don't want them to visit? You're like the 3rd guy that's worried about this!! Maybe you secretly hope that your friends find out? Or, am I being a little too analytical, here?? It's just puzzling to me.... Anyways, have a good day, and, of course, your uncle is still in my prayers!! Good luck with your love interest too!! luv,tman<3

Anonymous said...

John, my prayers continue for your uncle AND for you as well - for peace inside you and happiness. Right now there is a huge load of drama pushing your buttons, and you need to step back some and just breathe.

Maybe we need to rent a billboard or neon display on the Strip that says "KEEP BLOGGING JOHN!"


wayner said...

More prayers for your uncle. It takes some bravery to get through this.

-If that person you are interested in returns that interest, you would be a fool not to follow up on it. You only get so many chances for real love when you are young, before everyone eventually pairs up and you are left out like a person playing musical chairs. If you are looking for that idealized guy, then you better have lots of hobbies for a solitary existence cos we all have warts. It was interesting when watching the news a few months ago when old men were surveyed asking about some of their regrets in life. A lot of them replied that they wished they were a lot more agressive in their youth in getting sex and love. Because society does everything they can to prevent this. So if you find a guy that you like who likes you, that is something that does not happen very often to people. If I had that chance, well f**k everything else! And yeah, blog more often! bfn - Wayne :)

John Doe said...

@tman - valid question. I told her because I needed to. Same reason I came out. I have this strong urge to tell secrets (that aren't ones that others told me). Also I told her because this is kinda a secret life and I had no one to talk or tell about it and I really wanted to be able to say. Hey, I have a blog that means something to me!! Yah. lol I really dont want my friends to find out. For the sole fact that as soon as I explain about this boy my friend, or even he, would know. Thats not the way I want people finding out about my personal feelings towards them.

@CP - save the money and just get me an iPad. =p lol \

@wayner: Does he like me though? Idk. It's more complicated then you may have put it. I'll explain in a blog. I definitely agree with you though. It's just that you assumed the best and forgot the details that might be preventing me from taking the rout.

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