on Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Its been a long month and tomorrow its going to get longer. I'm currently waiting on a friend to reply so we can chat but until then i'll blog.

Today was weird. I have to do this stupid 5 page essay and i dont even know where to get started. The worst part is we are doing it in class so using the internet is not an option. =[

The show opens up tomorrow and I hope it goes well. We are going to Cici's to get pizza before the show. All the techs lol The cast party is still a no go. No one is willing to have it so whatever. We are going out on friday anyway so thats all good. Also im currently wanting a boy friend. Just a note lol I keep changing my mind about it.

Fun fact? My favorite band is NeverShoutNever. Seeing him live this month. Can't wait.

We are planning a trip (me and 3 other friends) to go on a trip to Six Flags. Agh! Almost tomorrow so im going to post this now.


Anonymous said...

I'm in Britland - what's Six Flags and how far away is it, wot do you do there et al? ? ?

Anonymous said...

It's a major amusement park with incredible rides, and lots of entertainment; AND lots of cute bois that hang around there - some spoken for and many not. Great place to cruise cute lads. It's not a long drive from where John is located.

wayner said...

OMG you can't use the Internet for your essay; you're DOOMED! You might actually have to think for yourself! lol. I downloaded Love is Our Weapon to my Ipod Touch; nice to hear someone who can actually sing without Autotune overload. After I got the Ipod a few years ago, I installed a Kenwood deck with four Pioneer 6x8 speakers, a 1000w sub amp and two free air Kicker subs in the rear car deck. The subs are a must have for music these days or you are missing half the music. Oh Gawd, a boyfriend; back to mental anguish (or maybe joy?) lol What's with all us Canadians on your blog? We're such pervs! - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

Us Canadians pervs? Naw, we're just warm-hearted nice guys who are interested in helping John by offering our insight................and hearing about all his hot sex activities HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE (guess I am a perv at that, eh!)

John Doe said...

Micky! its the most amazing amusement park! with roller coasters instead of flying elephants. lol They have some really intense ones. Like the X2. look it up. its crazy! I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

wayner: wow your sarcasm hurts... jk. i meant for research. you know. cause a research paper requires sources and quotes and you know... research. yah. I can think for myself wonderfully, thank you very much.

CP: perv... lo jk

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