Its Been A While...

on Sunday, March 7, 2010
Wow. I havn't posted in a long time. There is a lot to talk about guys. Lets start off with my film. It got an excellence at state level. Which is great but at the same time not what you want. It's ok though. I'm happy and im still going to enter the film into a bunch of film festivals here in town. The state festival was run by the thespian society and to put it nicely: wtf do they know about short films?? lol I'm so excited about what is to come and im not letting this get me down at all. =p

Next subject: boys. I met and saw TONS of cute gay boys the week/weekend. One that hit on me that I thought was SO FUCKING HOT. He lives 9 hours away though =[ So that didnt end up going anywhere. The thing I did notice was, as much as I was checking out guys, I didnt want anything more then that. I didnt want to go and flirt and do the whole relationship thing. I dont know why but I just didnt want it.

On the other hand I got in a fight with a friend. She was pushing my buttons all day and then I couldn't take it and blew up. She apologized and its all good now but she went way to far and she was definitely in the wrong.

So yah. Today has just sucked. Total downer. Sorry if this blog sucked. Still getting back into the hang of things. Also I have all these e-mails i have not read whatsoever. So im going to do this thing since there is no survey today. If you guys want to chat with me I will be on MSN/Skype tomorrow at 8pm pacific time. So we call all chat!! Both of the usernames are:!

Hope to talk to you guys!


Sam said...

It's good to hear from you! :)
Congrats for your film for the state level excellence!! I am sure you'll even make more successes in the future!!

Not wanting to go further than checking the boys out...
I've been in and out of this stage too. But I think I am like this for a different reason. I am skeptical and still confused so I don't know what I REALLY want..

Hope you get something fun to do soon!


Anonymous said...

Nice work with the film, John. Competitions come and go and just like the Oscars, the winners are not always the best in class. Never give up, and I know that you don't.

@Sam and John - welcome to the world of love, romance and relationships. Gay, Str8, Bi, or any flavour, it is a fantastic, perplexing, maddening, fun thing. Humans are complex creatures and relationships are the most complex of all.

wayner said...

Great that you are having some fun. And life is so perverse; the cute guy that hits up on you is 9hrs away! Why can't they just appear next door to you; that was my dream when I was a teen. And the relationship thing can be a rollercoaster. - Wayne

Anonymous said...

Great news about the flim - just go for it - which U R.

Sometimes in love and life you end up with the least likely person - and don't necessarily expect your love to be on your doorstep.

Often they're not but, if you both feel that certain attraction (and you'll know it when you meet it! Oh yeah!)then you'll both move mountains to be with each other and work it out no matter what.

In the meantime keep as many friends as you can, to keep the biggest possible net wide upon for who you might meet. The more stuff you're into, the more people you bump into and the more chance of finding someone who really clicks for you.

Enjoy the hunt!

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