Roller Coaster Of Emotions!

on Thursday, October 1, 2009
OMG! Fist thank you all for keeping me sane lol. All my friends tell me I'm over reacting but somehow when I hear it from people that are gay or bi or whatever it means a bit more lol.

So yesterday Jake decided that he was going to stop texting me randomly. So he kinda made me mad at him. No bye no thing. Just stopped. Which I think is pretty rude. So today I told myself, fine. I'm done playing his game. So I didnt worry about him at all. Don't get me wrong I couldnt stop thinking about him but it was not about him not texting me or me not texting him.

Then boom. He just texts me. Yes JUST know lol He makes me so happy!! Why? idk but he does. The best part is its not even a sexual thing. I genuinely like the kid. =p

Wow. All I'm talking about it Jake in this blog. Ok tomorrow is friday and I promise we will change it up. I have a lot of things to talk about with you guys that are not about Jake.

-Love John!


Matt. said...

Told you :) You stop texting, he starts :)


John Doe said...

haha yes matt you were right =p

cvn70 said...


Glad to see he texted you and yea relax more

take carea nd be safe


John Doe said...

thanks bob <3

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